what with this apprentice hunting license?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by sparkywest28, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. sparkywest28

    sparkywest28 sparkywest28

    me son is 7 cant shot a gun, i want to take hunting .im thinking i got to buy them for him to go.crazy.
  2. Fishpro

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    I never heard of an apprentice license. I don't think he would need a license to go out and sit with you. I could be wrong though..I got a ticket for hunting without a license once and I was just sitting there talking to some frieds of mine...no gun, no nothing.:mad:

  3. Toxic

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    If you want to take your 7yr old hunting and he does not carry a firearm/bow, he DOES NOT have to have a license. So go and have some fun taking him out.

    An Apprenticeship license is something the State came up for someone who does not have the time available to take a Hunters Ed course and for those who are not sure if they would like hunting. Example; If I had a 35 yr old guy at work that never hunted and wanted to try it. With an Apprentice License he could go hunting with me. He would have to be treated as a under 16 yrs of age hunter would be. He would have to stick to my side and be supervised at all times. This person can do that for three years. After that, they by law have to take a Hunters Ed Class.

    As a Hunter Education Instructor I am not a big fan of the Apprenticeship Program. I believe everyone should take the course before ever stepping into the woods.
  4. shroomhunter

    shroomhunter USMC 1979-1983

    If my 10 year old takes the hunter education course does he then need a license to hunt? I thought you didn't need to purchase any licenses unless they were 16 or older, guess that all changed somewhere over the years.
    I don't really hunt much anymore and haven't paid much attention to the laws, I only go deer hunting with a friend of mine because he wants some company and now my son wants to go. Thanks
  5. I took Hunter's Ed when I was 10 (28 years ago) and had to buy a license to go hunting. I wouldn't see why they would have changed that. It's funny, I wore that tag on my back for a long time and never did actually kill an animal. I still have my H&R .410 single shot in the closet.
  6. shroomhunter

    shroomhunter USMC 1979-1983

    Thanks, It's been more than 28 years ago for me and I just don't remember wether I had to buy a license or not. I know there was no hunter safety course when I started hunting so my Father the USMC drill instructor from the 1950's put me through his own weapons safety course.
  7. LOL, I bet it was pretty good.
    My son can't even aim his toy guns at anything that is human. I figure if I teach him discipline with those then he will be ready for a real one. He instructs the neighbor kids on the same thing, so they play "army" and no one aims at any real people.
  8. If your child has completed hunters ed no matter what age he needs a license. Of course it is at a reduced rate as is their deer and turkey tags. They also get several youth only hunts (deer,small game and turkey). All three of my boys are hunting junkies now. If I only knew it would cut into my hunting time as much as it has... One thing to remember is if your son is going to turn 18 during the hunting season buy his license and any tags earlier in the year at the youth rate before he turns 18. If you buy his license earlier at the youth rate and wait till deer season and he has turned 18 in that time you will have to pay for an adult tag. Mushroom I'll be down at AEP this weekend, (Friday thru Sunday midday) taking the boys deer hunting. If your out and about stop by, we always seem to just miss each other.
  9. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    Mushroomman, sorry to get back late with you. Squid is right, no matter what the age is as long as they are carry some type of weapon an are engaged in the pursuit of game they have to have a license. I bought my first one when I was 8, 34 years ago :( . I'm getting old LOL.
  10. monsterKAT11

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    the apprentice license says that you can go hunting with someone who has their hunting lisence aka has taken hunters safety course, and does not require you to have taken it, but you have to be with them at all times

    you have to take hunters safety course in order to purchase a hunting license, so if you've taken it you may as well just buy the license and hunt :)!
  11. sparkywest28

    sparkywest28 sparkywest28

    thanks guys,im going to take my son this week to get some squacks.i cant wait.
  12. lawrence1

    lawrence1 Master Tangler

    You don't have to carry a weapon to be legally engaged in hunting.
  13. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    Being actively engaged means driving deer or beating the brush for example. A 8yr old sitting in a deer stand or duck blind is not actively engaged in hunting.

    I just shot of an email to ODNR to get their legal answer. Here is what I wrote;
    Good morning, I am a Hunter Ed instructor in Trumbull County. I have had this question come up several time at my classes. I know the answer but I cannot find the "legal" definition in the ORC or in the hunting regs. The question is, if someone takes a non-hunting individual like their son or daughter hunting, does their non hunting son or daughter need to have a license? Your answer will be greatly appreciated and will help clear up any misunderstandings in our classes.

    Thank you,
  14. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    Wow that was fast. I just got ODNR's reply. It backs up exactly what I said earlier. Here is their reply:

    If someone is going to accompany someone else while one person is
    hunting, they must not participate in any way with the hunt. They
    cannot carry the weapon or ammunition, run dogs, drive the wildlife,
    call the wildlife, etc. They must only be an observer.

    Of course, if the person is going to accompany someone during any of our
    gun seasons, including the youth deer gun season, deer gun season, the
    extra deer gun weekend, the statewide muzzleloader deer season or on
    designated areas during he early muzzleloader deer season, then they
    should have a vest, coat, jacket, or coveralls that are either sold
    hunter orange or camouflage hunter orange. This requirement applies
    statewide on both public and private land.

    ACCOMPANY means to go along with another person while staying within a
    distance from the person that enables uninterrupted, unaided visual and
    auditory communications.



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  15. rolland

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    Hey Toxic, after reading this post I called my buddy and he was under the impression his son didn't need a lisence untill he was 16 also. This will be his first year hunting with dad @ 14. This lead me to beleave it is a common misconseption. I tried looking on the ODNR site (i hate there site :mad: ) is there a list of times/places posted anywhere that people can go take the class and take there kids to the classes to get certified. I personally don't hunt to much, but with the # of people reading this site mabie we can get a lot more certified hunters out there.
  16. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    Rolland long time no see. We are having a class in Nov. 7&9th in Niles at the Western Reserve Fish & Game. Pre-registration is required so we will know how many books we need to order. And it closes at 50 students.

    The ODNR site has all the counties the classes for those counties. The link for it is http://www.ohiodnr.com/wildlife/huntered/instructor.htm

    Our club is the sixth class down on the list for Trumbull County.

    Hope to see some fellow OGF people there. Remember to "Pass it on"
  17. lawrence1

    lawrence1 Master Tangler

    Keeping in mind that these laws are created to assist law enforcement, no one in their right mind would hassle a kid. But put an adult in the same situation and they're breaking the law. One thing their email failed to mention (etc.?) is the spotting of game, if an observer spots the game first they are assisting the shooter and therefore legally engaged in hunting. Subjective, I know.

    I find Michelle's reply somewhat subjective also. Is that her interpretation? Is she a judge? I would also like to see the legal definition.
  18. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    It's a free world, go and email them yourself????

    As used in Chapters 1531 and 1533 of the Ohio Revised Code and the Ohio Administrative Code:

    ACCOMPANY means to go along with another person while staying within a distance from the person that enables uninterrupted, unaided visual and auditory communications.

    HUNTING means pursuing, shooting, killing, following after or on the trail of, lying in wait for, shooting at, or wounding wild birds or wild quadrupeds while employing any device commonly used to kill or wound wild birds or wild quadrupeds whether such acts result in such killing or wounding or not. It includes every attempt to kill or wound and every act of assistance to any other person in killing or wounding or attempting to kill or wound wild birds or wild quadrupeds.
  19. lawrence1

    lawrence1 Master Tangler

    Nice response. As a fellow veteran, I think what you meant to say was, it's a free country. Feel free to not ever reply to me again.

    For anybody else who is interested, I looked at this myself when I first started taking my family hunting and my advice is to be very carefull. As you can see by the definition, again, it is very subjective. For instance, "every act of assistance" could mean holding a sticker bush out of the way or carrying lunch. Forget what some newbie at the ODNR office says, how will the judge in your county interpret it. In the second reply of this thread Fishpro said "I got a ticket for hunting without a license once and I was just sitting there talking to some frieds of mine...no gun, no nothing." So in at least one case moral support qualifies as an act of assistance.

    The whole apprentice license thing is a good idea that was designed to get more kids into hunting. A response to declining license sales as the hunting population ages. With increasing population though it will all be for naught as the state will have to hand over ownership of the game back to the landowners.

    BTW, If you own the land and farm it your kids can hunt it at any age and you do not have to accompany them. Remember a few years ago when the farmboy shot his brother in the head deer hunting? No laws were being broken until he fired that fateful shot.
  20. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    If you got a ticket, then yes you got screwed. As far as replying back, I'm a retired vet and I believe the first amendment still applies to me, so I'll do it as many times as I feel fit. And as a Hunter Ed instructor since 1989 I think I have a concept what the laws are. I'm not going to misinform my students. Your taking a perfectly great post and turning it sour. I am not sure what part of the Ohio Revised Code or the Administrative Code you do not understand. If you do not believe me why don't you look it up like I did.

    Please show me the "law" that says a landowners child can hunt alone under the age of 16 on their own property. What age was his brother? Just a guess, if it did went to the county DA office, they probably didn't prosecute because he/she felt the kid suffered enough.

    The laws I refer to are also in the Hunting regs and please feel free to look under this ORC. It is black and white and very easy to understand....