what will ice do to a fiberglass boat

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Firefighter-Dadfishin, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. i just got a steel deal on a 15' 9.9 motor and found the stern was frozen will there be leaks or and the ice is is from the thawing and freezing im planning to punch the drain plug ASAP:( i frown on the water there please be hope
  2. Are you just talking about water inside the boat freezing? If so, it may have pushed into the transom (past the drain or wherever there may have been cracks) and started to soften the wood. I have a 15' glass tri-hull which sat out for many years and always got leaves in it and then the bilge would fill and eventually freeze in the winter. I know my transom is now soft in areas (could be due to this or just unsealed bolts etc. while on the lake) but I don't have any problems with it on the water. Mine has a 28hp outboard. I would never run anything larger then this doe to the transom but it holds up fine as is and is now stored in a heated garage all year. I don't think you should have any problems if only running a 9.9hp on your boat.

  3. Fast, easy, simple, drain hole.
    1-1/2 inch drill bit
    1- 1/2 inch bolt with 2 flats washers
    1- Lock washer
    2 Rubber seals for a garden hose.
    The ice probably didnt do a whole lot as long as it was not contained in a tight spot.
  4. Was able to push drain plug out yesterday with hammer and rod to fit threw drainhole so there was a river coming at about 0800 hrs yesterday morning thanks for the 50 degree weather the boat is ctually 16 ft and a renken boat what is a general opinion on the make i heard it a great boat make at its time ranks next to cristcraft is it true?:confused: