what type of spin casting rods are used

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  1. All my equipment i have so far is set up for lake erie trolling. Was wondering what type of spin casting rods and reels are used for drift fishing. Been looking at 6'6'' med. action rods, but was wondering what brand of reel and rod to use with the best price? Looking to buy 4 or 6 so to keep my wife happy :D i am shopping for good equipment low price, and was thinking off season would be the time to look. Any brand names and places to go would be appreciated!
  2. You can't go wrong with any Shimano reels above $50 for serious fishing. As far as the rod, I think the best value is a Cabelas or Gander brand. 6 or 6'6" is perfect for drift fishing.

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    i like the quantum series of reels, much better than the shimanos...my shimanos have been kinda sticky after their third year
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    Are you asking about SPINCASTING (closed face, like Zebco 33's) or SPINNING (open face)?

    If I'm not mistaken I think you are asking for spincasting reels for your wife. If so the amount of decent reels will be reduced alot. I know a few people who really like those Red Rhinos (spincast). Diawa does/used to make some high end ($50 est) spincast reels, I'm not sure if they still do or not.
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    Put Put, checkout the Pinnacle Power Tip Pro rods.They are selling them for 65.99 for 5 rods on ebay . Very much like the Ugly Stick rods.I use the 8.6 ft downrigger rods for my dipseys and the 7ft med.action rods for trolling cranks on Erie.They come with a 7 year warrenty on them. They come in rods from 5ft all the way to 12ft in both casting and spinning models.If you deciede on more then one model ask him for a better deal on more then 5 rods.Buddie email him and picked up 10 rods shipped to him for 125.00
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  6. what end of erie do you fish...if you are drifting or trolling erie and not casting.. your wife should be able to work a bait caster scince you are not casting...conflict in words i know...she likes the reel on top...right handed? the above mentioned rods are not bad..4 to 6? try a couple before you splurge...medium action poles are not all that diff...except this will start a good argument cause everyone has their favorite poles..