What type of mech. broadheads

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    Just curious, what type of mechanical broadheads everyone's using. Been using 100 grain Rocket steelheads last few years with OK success. Might try different type. I am shooting both Hoyt Renegade compound and an old Barrnett X box.

    Any feed back would be appreciated. THanks
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    i've been using spitfires for 3-4 years now, love them. i shoot 125gr

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    In my experience (Im an older bastard) mechanicals fly nice kill poorly. No more cross country chase downs for me (it's that old thing). Fixed blade Muzzy's from here on out.
  4. i agree with paw for sure. i know folks who are lucky to get a pass through and still dont get the deer with mechanics. thats at 20 yards with a 300+ fps crossbow. nothin better than muzzy. shot a buck this year at 15 yards complete pass through picked up the aarow stick'n in the ground and cleaned it off and still sharp as the day i bought it no bends or anything.
  5. I agree with the 125 gram spitfires... in the past couple of years I have had 3 totally clean pass thru shots at around 30 yards with only 30 to 50 yds travel before they died.. I think most of it is shot placement!!!!! not a good angle dont shoot!!!! I tried fixed broadheads in the past and I just could not get consistent grouping...... so I am gonna stick with what is working for me...
  6. I have used 100 gr Grim Reapers for years without a single issue and every deer that I have shot has been found with in 100 yds. I jumped on the Rage band wagon last year and have since went back to the Reapers. I just wasn't very impressed with the penetration of the Rage's. I know there are a ton of guys who like the Rage's but for me I went back to what I have had success with.
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    I used 100 grain grim reapers for 3 years. I shot a dandy buck right in the shoulder blade from 11 yards and it did nothing. Didn't even go through the first shoulder blade. So I switched to 90gr. 4 blade muzzy's and have had 3 successful buck kills the passed 3 years. 1 was 25 yards quartering away, blasted right through the ribs and came out the front of the dear and still dug itself in a good 4 inches. The blades where mangled from the ribs but it still went right through.

    A lot of people use mechanicals because of their true flight, which is great for those who dont have much time to tune a broadhead. However, shot placement is definately key to them. And you lose some of your energy on impact due to the blades needing forced open. I would highly suggest using a 4 blade fixed broadhead and having your fletchings with a helical. The helical will give you more spin, which means tighter groupings. From field point to broadhead, my bow shoots about 1/2" right and 1" low. Not to bad in my opinion. Hope this helps!
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    I used nap shockwave mechs. to kill my first buck this fall. my shot was 25 yards. It passed through to the fletchings and made a nice big hole. I also am using an older pse that maybe shoots 260fps. The deer ran maybe 40 yards dropped dead. When I found the arrow the blades lookek like new except for the blood. I dont have alot of experience but they worked great for me!!!
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    i switched to the rage this year and this is the first deer i couldnt find.. 20yds perfect shot and watched the arrow come out the other side. arrow covered in blood and had drops i mean drops every 6-10 ft then it just stopped.u would figure with a pass through to get more blood. makes me mad to have shot her and not recover i looked for a long time. might have to try the muzzy's
  10. SlickTricks 100grn mags.:)
  11. I shoot a compound with it turned down to about 58 pounds because of a torn rotater in my right shoulder. I found that most mechanicals would not perform well (no pass through) for me because my set up won't generate enough kinetic energy in most situations.

    I shot a variety of Rocket mechanicals and last year I tried the Rage. I worked well but still no pass through on the buck I killed. I prefer a pass through if I can get it to help with the blood trailing and animal recovery, but I just prefer a fixed blade in my situation. I'm now shooting Beeman ICS 400's with Blazer vanes and Montec G5's. They TRULY fly like field points and have the same point of impact...which allows practice before and during the season with field tips.

    That said, I still think the Rage is a great broadhead, in fact, I think its the best of the 6 or 7 different kinds I tried over the years.

    My buddy shot a buck on Sunday evening and hit it back...way back, intestines only. He backed out and yesterday morning we went after it and blood trailed it as best we could. The deer had gone about 300 yards, bedded down, and died.

    He is now the proud owner of a ten point in the 145 inch range. The Rage passed through and created a tremendous channel. I was impressed with the results of the Rage 2 blade and I think he is too.
  12. I was using the Rage 3 blade 1.5".Note i said used.Shot a nice 8 point about 6inches below the spine and in line with the shoulder from about 16 feet high.Got maybe 4"of penetration from the looks of my arrow.The buck ran downhill and slowly walked away.Went looking for him the next morning and found where he had bedded down.Minimal blood.He probably went a half mile so i'm hoping he will be ok.The next night I shot a button buck.It was a heart shot and he ran about 50 yards and dropped.The arrow only went in about4 inches again and when i pulled the arrow out only 2 of the blades opened up.One was shut closed and i couldn't open it up with my fingers.This was a broad side shot at 25 yards.I am using a Browning compound set at 72 pounds.Going back to the reliable Thunderheads.Some people like em Not me.
  13. 100 grain Grim Reapers, no issues. Have even busted through shoulders with no issues!