what type of grunt call?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by kruggy1, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Need to buy a new grunt call, any recomendations???

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  3. Knight and Hale...The Translator
  4. One Legged Josh

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    Any from MAD. Drury boys Rock!:! :! :! :!
  5. danjaquino

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    Although it's sometimes hard to use with gloves on. This is the best sounding call I've used!!
  6. Anyone that will bring deer in closer ;) I think a better ? is are there any that don't work ?
  7. I got the deer growl last year, which is also just a grunt, and pulled in a lone 6pt within 10mins. The first couple weeks in Nov you'll need a doe-in-heat call, I use the Knitght N Hale flip can and also pulled an 8pt buck right off the doe he was following.
  8. If I need a new one, which is every other year, I buy whatever is on sale or the cheapest. I have heard alot of bucks grunt and no two sound the same. I have yet to try the buck growl but may have to give that one a whirl.
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    I like the Buck Growl for the grunt it makes, not the growl, but the grunt. Its real deep and sounds like a big boy. But...the True Talker is my favorite because of the easy of use, and the range of sounds it has.:)
  10. I like the primos buck roar. It doesn't have any variable pitch to it, but if you're looking for a mature grunt, it works well. You can use it quietly or really push it without clipping out the reed. I like the truetalker alot as well, but everyone I've ever had has broken within a year of buying it. It is very versatile in the range of calls it can make, but not very rugged.
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    i use a primos doe-in-heat can and it works really well pre-rut thru post-rut. i've pulled in a couple bucks from a long ways off that i thought i had no chance of calling in. it works especially well late rut and post rut when the bucks are lookin but can't find a girl