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  1. So with tax refund time fast approaching, I realize that I will have an opportunity to try to expand my minuscule gun collection. I have some general preferences of what I would like to get, but just posting here for some second opinions.
    So I have came up with a budget ($500 to $700) on what to spend and a list of what I like.
    My first choice was the FN FAL. I have noticed that these guns (pre-built) can run from $600 to $1000+ depending on condition, nationality, etc. Parts kits seem to run the range of $250 to $500+, plus the cost of a receiver and the cost to build. So with these options laid out, what would be the best? Am I missing any additional options?
    Next gun I have had my eye is a M14 (or one of the variants). The cheapest of these seems to be the Ruger mini 14 and mini 30 (not a true M14 but it fits the budget). From what I have seen, they can run from $600 and up.
    Soooooo if any one has two cents to throw in on helping me make a decision then please go right ahead.
  2. If you can find a FAL for $600 buy it!! You will be pushing it to find a mini 14 in that price range as well. If you find anything decent in your range buy it, you may never get another chance.

    That said either gun is a good choice, especially with the new high cap mags for the mini.

    If you are looking for a decent semi auto plinker check out the SKS, you can get them with detachable mags, ammo is not completely out of sight (although getting more expensive), you should be able to find one for $300-$400. If you go that route stay away from the cheap metal 30 round mags, they do not function well, tapco makes a 20 rd plastic that seems to work fine.

  3. I would stay away from the Mini-14/30 rifles, I have owned a few over the years and they are not very accurate at all(not sure if that matters a great deal to you or not) I dont have any experience with the new target model they have out, not sure how much AKs are running these days..but they might be in your price range.
  4. I already have a SKS, its a rugged little gun and I enjoy it. I think I may just have to do a build on the FAL. From my rough gestimates I think when all said and done it would be about $650 plus some shipping charges etc.
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    Build you a AR! Fun little project. You can get a decent start for $600, then just finish a piece at a time. You can get a decent upper WAY under 6 bills, then use the change for the Stripped lower. Most you would have to spend after that is less a big bill for each part. I am working on my 3rd now. lol It can be additive. BC
  6. I have thought about that. But considering I average out to about one gun purchase every two years and the legality of purchasing assault rifles may very well be challenged by then, I want it to be something I really really want.

    I did manage to find an Israeli FAL pre-assembled for $650, should I go for it?