What to Fish for in the cold

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  1. I have tried bass fishing at some of my favorite spots a few times this month when the ice wasnt totallt frozen but i have had no luck. It seems regardless fo the bait Bass just dont want to bite when it is relly cold out. So I think i need to fish for something else in the winter. All I can think of is going for Saugeye at the spillways(not easy even in good weather), rainbows at antrim(pretty fished out for trout already), or catfishing anywhere. Does anyone have any better ideas or tips for catching something in the bitter cold
  2. Yeah try trout fishing at Mad river or Clear fork. I get a lot of browns on panther martin spinners, You can also use worms,minnows or maggots. The odnr has maps of both places thatr you can download & print. I'm head ed out Saturday so i'll post what I catch. Shoot me a pm if you have specific questions . Thanks

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  4. OK, but maybe i need to change my approach. i used spinners well in spring and then found bottom jigging tubes was the ticket almost all year. What works in the cold? alos do i need to be extra slow? How do I get those lazy cold water bass to want to bite
  5. I catch a few bass every winter while saugeye fishing at Deer Creek spillway. I dont catch a lot of them but I have had a few days where I caught 3 or 4 bass, both smallies and largemouth. I just use small twistertails on 1/32oz jigs and bring it in as slow as I can. I have even caught crappie, bluegill and whitebass in the winter there.
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    Try a minnow under a bobber. Not only might you get a Bass but Crappie will hit it also.
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    I texas rig a tube and work it very slow. I bounce it time to time but mainly just drag it on the bottom. Also try a jig n pig.
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    i would say live bait would be your best be t but if you are using atificial then S.L.O.W is the ticket when the water slows down so does the fishes matabalizim and they are not as actively seeking food as in the warmer months. with live bait they are working slowly naturally and as mentioned you have a wider variety of species that may bite
  9. Today while Ice fishing for gills I must of caught and released at least a dozen bass all around 15 to 17 inches. I fish lots of farm ponds through the Ice and the truth is the bass can be a bother. Fishing about 6ft deep just off a drop off in front of cat tails small Ice jig tipped with a wax worm and they love it. The truth is I catch a lot of bass through the Ice in quarry,s and farm ponds. Try it , you will be supprised, and they fight like hell. Lots of fun on a 28" ultra light with 2lb line.
  10. Try bouncing a twistertail through the frozen food section at the supermarket. Mrs. Paul's fish sticks might bite.:) :) :)