What to do with dead Coyotes

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  1. I want to start coyote hunting this year, but I'm not sure what I'll do with the ones I kill.....if I kill any.

    I would like to get one stuffed or at least get one tanned. But after that, I just don't know what to do with them. Do you just let them lay where they fall? Is there a market for them? Is there a bounty on them? If so, where can you sell them?


  2. Rednek

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    You can do one of two things.

    After you send one to your local taxidermist you can sell them to your local fur buyer or tan them yourself.

    As with any natural resource....don't let it go to waste.

  3. Bassnpro1

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    I personally don't mess with the things. I don't like letting them lay, but they stink so bad I just can't bring myself to skin them out.
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    yea skin em out, cut out the tenderloins, soak them in milk for a few hours in the fridge.. take them out and pour on some worcesterchire sauce, a1, and some red cooking wine, and let them sit like that a few more hours, roll in flour, fry them up and enjoy! hard to beat
  5. I live in central Ohio. Anyone know of a local fur buyer that might purchase a coyote? If so, how much should I expect to get paid?


  6. In Marysville, Richard Westfall buys fur. You can also look buyers up on line, but there's getting to be less of them around. Coyotes don't bring too much around here either , probably in the $15 range. It's hard for the eastern 'yotes to compete with the big, thick fur of the western dog.
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    You've lost your mind. They stink so bad, I don't even want to touch one, much less eat one. I throw em in the dumpster at work, or leave em lay.
  8. sevenx

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    Why not bury them. In summer a carcas wont last long with vulture's, coons, inscects and various other opportunistic animals present. In winter they could last quite some time. Lime thrown in the hole will help decompose them quicker. For all the maggot fisherman they would make for a fine maggot farm. S
  9. Tastes Like Chicken;)
  10. General Tso's Chicken maybe
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    Check out this link for a buyer near you. www.ohiostatetrapper.org
    To each his own but I don't understand why anyone would leave something lay that has any kind of value. If a 'yote is worth $10 and you kill only a couple a season that's $20 more to pay for gas, ammo etc. Good luck:)
  12. My 16 year old son got a 44 pound male on 12/27 in a snare ......... the pelt measured 67 1/2" and has a beautiful reddish tint to it. He says it's going on his wall after getting tanned. So much for making money on these things !!Any others we get are getting stretched, dried, & sold.
    We'll start the calling as soon as it freezes back up & hopefully get a couple more out of the local population.
    Good hunting,
  13. ParmaBass

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    About how much is it to tan a Yote pelt?
  14. I haven't checked yet, but I know to get a good "soft"(clothing) tan of a red fox last year it was right at $30 + shipping. I am considering doing it myself & "hard" tanning it by splitting down the belly, tacking down to plywood, and salting it down. Used to do that for rabbit pelts years ago & it was pretty simple ; not sure how well it would work for a yote though. I'll post when I find the prices for the various tans.
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    T-180 - The name Richard Westfall sure brings back memories. I'm sure thats the same guy I used to sell pelts to 30 years ago. Thats how I made my money when I was still in school. Didn't know he was still around. Real nice guy and always paid more than anyone else.
  16. Orlando,
    Dick Westfall has been around for quite a few seasons !!! I started selling to him in the 70's ; he was always fair , helpful , & didn't over grade everything. My 16 year old has started trapping now & he will probably sell to him unless we go to a OSTA auction.

    Looks like $30 for a 'yote tanning + shipping. Still looking for someone close to home, if possible
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    Thanks, seems reasonable.
  18. here is my 1st coyote took it during the special weekend for shotgun !!

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  19. Nice shooting Joe W ..... that's a much smaller target than a deer. I feel that all of us deer hunters should shoot every coyote we get an opportunity on.

    Hey guys, check out my photo gallery ...... there's 2 pix of my son's 'yote & it shows how big it was (my son's 5'10 or so)