What to do to get more hooksets on crankbaits?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by soua0363, Jun 24, 2007.

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    I have been having a lot of luck with crankbaits lately but it seems that I also loose about as much as I catch too. I have never experienced this much fish break off with any other bait. I have even bought bigger treble hooks including triple grip trebles to replace the ones that comes with the baits too and still the same results. What else can I do besides try getting bigger hooks? The baits came standard with #4 trebles so I changed them to #2 trebles. I am tempted to try #1 trebles.

    It seems the basses are not slamming the crankbaits like they normally do. They seem to just suck the bait and turn. I would cast the bait out and reel it in straight and continuously until I feel a little resistance and then "try" to slam the hooks in. Half of the time when I have the bass half way in the bait will pop loose from the fish. It does this whether I am using braided line or mono.
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    I would not recomend using braid on cranks, too easy to "Rip" the hooks out of the fishes mouths.
    What type of cranks are you running???
    Also what type of trebles are you using. Its always a good investment to change/upgrade your trebles.

  3. I thought I was the only one having that same problem this season. I lost several during a tourney a couple weeks ago and got real frustrated. Didn't break a pole over my knee, but I sure felt like it.
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    the rod u use plays a huge roll while crankin i prefer a rod with a lil softer tip and plenty of backbone for fightin bigger bass. i also use mono for crankin i agree u want a lil give when settin the hook u really dont need to drive it home. as far as hooks go i only use gamakatsu hooks as far as i can see they are the best hooks i have ever used and i have noticed my hook up to land ratio has greatly incresed sinced i went exclusively to gamakatsu hooks... its all about personal preference i just really like the gamas.
  5. As mentioned above, try going with a slower action rod. I had the same issue with the fish coming unbuttoned when using a fast action rod. Since the rod gives a little more, I’m also able to use braid with cranks. That alone will save you enough money (in lost crankbaits) to justify a new crankbait rod!
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    I was using Rapala DT4, DT6, and DT7 along with the Bass Pro Nitro Crankbaits. The rods I was using are both 7'-0" in medium and medium heavy action. The line on the medium heavy action rod is mono and the ones on the medium is braided with a 4' leader of mono. The triple grip hooks I bought are Gamakatsu's.

    I have never experienced this before. Like Tredder said, it frustrating. It seems like the basses have a pair of hands to undo the hooks. LOL
  7. Are your rods medium/ medium heavy POWER? A slower ACTION rod bends further from the tip, and this can act as a shock absorber when using crankbaits. Action and power are completely independent attributes. That is, you can have a UL power rod with a fast action, or a rod that is XH power with a slow action. Most bass rods have a fast action, and this is great for a solid hook-set. However, it is also great for pulling treble hooks out before they can hook the bass.
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    Rooster, I read your post wrong. The rods I have a moderate fast and fast action tips. It may be true because in the past I had rods that have slower action tips. I guess more reason to get another rod. LOL.
  9. Fiberglass rods make great crank bait.

    Keep using your braided line. The soft glass rod has made a huge difference for me.
  10. EDD


    it's just a downfall for crankbaits
    a soft (fiberglass rod) will let the bass take your lure in it's mouth deeper and to fight a fish , but if a bass doesn't really want the bait it will spit or release the crankbait before you can hook him with a soft action rod also .
    so it's dam if you do and dam if you don't use fiberglass - I have 3 St Croix fiberglass poles that I like
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    With cranks you need to play the fish instead of horse them in also.
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    Anyone that has fished with me knows how I fish with cranks. They are my go to baits all the time. The first thing I do to ALL my crank baits is change the rear hooks to the next size up. If they come with #6 hooks ( most do) I go to #4 hooks. My catch ratio increases at least 50% by doing this. Gamakatsu hooks are the one I like best. Changing these hooks won't change the action as some will tell you. I have been doing this for well over 20 years. Look in my tackle bags and you'll see they are all changed.
    GarryS that runs S/T tournaments can tell you about my crank catching as he has fished with me for MANY years and sees how high my catch ratio is using cranks.
    Try it and you will increase your numbers.
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    Like Dale, crankbaits are my go to bait for bass and this year is the first time that I am having the problem I am having. In the past years, it was mainly the rattle traps that I was having problems with the fish popping off.

    I am going to make a trip to Bass Pro and get some more Gamakatsu hooks but bigger and see if that helps. Dale, I am going to try your idea of replacing only the rear ones instead of both front and back. It will allow me to put more hooks on more lures. Thank you for all the responses!
  14. I appreciate all the advice too. I've been doing about everything else mentioned (glass rod & mono), although I may be fighting too hard and fast in anticipation of another one coming off. So I'll work on playing them more and changing the hook size on the back of the crank. I'm heading up to Mitchells Bay/St Clair, so I anticipate plenty of opportunities to test this out. I'll either get this issue resolved or post all my crankbaits for sale in the marketplace.....ok, maybe not all of them....
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    Setting the hook with a crankbait is much different than with single hook baits as well. You want to sweep the rod when setting with a crank bait rather than hammer it home. Also try to keep fish from jumping as much as possible. If your in a boat keep the rod low while fighting the fish and keep constant pressure on them. Treble hooks seem to get caught on everything they encounter except a bass' mouth. A very limber tipped rod also helps if your like me and can't help but set the hook hard when it is a hard bite. Also increases chances if the fish makes a hard run.
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    If you haven't already done so sharpen your hooks.
  17. I was having similar issues and switched to Loomis's crankbait series of rod and have had a lot of success with them so far. There are a number of different models for various situations. They are graphite so nice and light but act like glass. The other thing that is nice is that while they aren't cheap they are among the cheaper of loomis models which is a big plus.
  18. Change the color crankbait to something more neutral and crank faster. I go to the ghost pattern. The fish are getting too good of a look at your lure.
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    Sharpen your hooks, change the hook brand, size. Attach small split rings first, then your hooks. All of my cranks are rigged this way. You have to experiment though and watch the action, because it will change and may not act the way you want it to.
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    After a season of crankbaiting for Mr. Bucket Mouth, I was able to increase my hook to catch ratio by a large margin following the advices of changing the hooks to one size bigger especially the trailer ones and changing my line back to mono instead of braided. Another thing that I learned to do and adjust throughout the summer was the way I was doing my hooksetting. Earler in the year, I was kind of slamming the hook home as if I was fishing a jig and I was losing a lot fishes right after the hookset but as I started paying ALOT of attention to different ways of hooksetting that I do, I came to the conclusion that if I do a hookset with a long sweeping motion to my right side (right handed on a baitcaster with 7' medium action rod with a moderate tip) and at the same time start to reel in line I will land about 98% of the fishes that bite. Again, thanks for the inputs from earlier in the year.