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  1. I had a doctors appt. in Columbus today and also had a few things to take care of so I drove up yesterday and spent the night. I decided to drive around and hit some of my old hangout from years go by. I was surprissed to see most of the old haunts are now gone.
    I started driving north on High St. drove past Kings, Crystal and Angilo's, gone, buildings and all. Charleston Club and A-Lounge, Kaput as in by by, On up High 696 Club, 711 Club, & Neffs, all gone. On up to campus area, Charley Browns and Down Under all gone. Over and got on 71 south and off at Main, Hillbilly Haven , Pennys, Earls and Quality Lunch, all history. Swung around and back up Parsons, Cody's, Midnight inn and the one across Woodrow and 1 across Parsons all gone, Old Tavern at Parsons and Innis and the Sabre Jet and Moon Glow, also gone.Same with Banjo Bar, Bamboo Room and Village Pub,,Swung around and headed to Bottoms and Hilltop and was saddened to see Little Nashville and several others with forgotten names all gone. Drove on out Broad and low and behold the old Broadway from my Westinghouse days is also gone.
    Just wondering what a and where folks in CMH do and go for a nice quite evening of pool and entertainment.( or an occasional bar fight :) :) ),, maybe I just have too much time on my hands. !%

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    Welcome to the no fun zone. :D:D

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    Where on Parsons were you hanging out? I worked the Firehouse at Parsons and Hinman for quite a few years. Wondered if I may have picked up a few of your "Bar fight" buddies. lol
  4. Chessie, I played pool a lot in that area. Mostly at Midnight Inn, Old Tavern and Sabre Jet. You may be one of the guys who carried me away once. I am the guy who in Dec. 72 was found shot (and well chilled) behind the Old Tavern .