what time does rickards on catawba open sun?

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    walkin out sun...live 4hrs away....amybody know what time they open?.....or a place i can get shiners....i wanna go out 1st light....i was gonna pull the 1man f trap wgear...or do you think id be bettter off w just rod tackle case over shoulder...and a stool?....supposed to be waqrmer but windy....what is gonna be my best bet?....think ill tire of pullin sled or will i be forever grateful cuz of the wind?...not a newbie not an expert....just cant make up my mind....please help me out all you experienced guys....tried to call capt mike for ride...6p0 dollar one but no answer....hes prob busy haulin people in its bout that time.....also where can i park...out off the point by mouse....any ideas?....id like to walk past mouse then west into some deep water...can i walk that in 30 mins?....do they still got the xmas tree path out?...where else could park or walk off in the catawba area?...help!:)
  2. Watch the winds, calling for 15-25 SW tomorrow. I heard there are some cracks that were starting to open up

  3. I walked out friday with a buddy took 45 min the snow makes it slow going.I would take the f trap the wind blown snow makes fishing miseriable I did not have one had to hide behind my buddys.You can park just down the street from the ferry dock in the corner lot I think walking from the state park would be a longer walk.
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    Awnser Rickards open 5:30 Sat & Sunday Plus Herbs has minnows also open 6:00 weekends !
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    If you want minnows go to herbs :)