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What they don't want us to know

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Action, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. There has been allot of big money buying land in large masses around Sandy Creek and the levees are getting allot of attention. They have been flooding the area behind Bolivar dam higher and for longer periods of time than needed
    on a regular basis. Word is it's going to be one of the biggest lakes in Ohio.
    This lake has been talked about since the 70's but now things are pointing toward it getting done in my lifetime. Everybody official is hush on the subject until their cronies finish buying up the land. Anyone looking for an investment?
  2. would that there be the beverly hillbillies?

  3. I doubt anything can get by like that these days... Permits and permission from the corp of eng would be required leaving local newspapers, radio and tv on the up and up...
  4. gonefishin'

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    Yea, they can't fool us...riiiiight!
  5. Hope your on to something Action. A nice big new lake to play in sounds go to me! :D
    Not to long ago belden Village was mostly swamp no one wanted.
  6. There's a couple guys I've done work for this year that have over a million dollars invested each that really believe this is going to happen. One of them have a good friend thats is a lawyer for the Corp of Engineers or State ( not sure which ).
    I know who the lawyer is and he's a local weasel. I don't have the money to invest or I would but I'll pass it on to you guys to further investigate and maybe I can get a commission, like a boat parking spot. :D
  7. "J"


    Do I hear an OGF resort in the working??? Kick in a couple of bucks and buy a couple of acres and put in a ramp and build a lodge??? Who knows might work. "J"
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    This is awesome! Hopefully it goes through!

    J, that sounds like it would be cool! exclusive boat parking and ramp use for OGF members.........Which means anyone since membership is free!

    Good Golly, those of you that started OGF could really have something here! :p
  9. It would have to go through a permit with the US ACOE (Section 404 of Clean Water Act) that takes roughly a year just for the reivew once they have it in hand and a public comment period, along with a Section 401 Permit with the Ohio EPA which is the much harder of the two agencies to get it through. While the ACOE is still in the business of flood control through this means the OH EPA is in the exact opposite, by returning natural patterns of flow and water quality improvement. That also would have to go through public comment period which would also be posted on their website, and this permit also takes no less than a year.
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    There yu go ashton, had to ruin it for us all! :p
  11. How are they required to notify the public through the permit process? Do they have to post it in the paper, place a sign at the site?
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    Here is some interesting reading I think a dam over 5000 acres of water would be hard to get approved Because of safety factors and what was listed above. there have not been many (if any) big earthen dams build in the last 20 years anywhere in the USA
  13. The dam on this lake has existed for allot longer than 20 years. Bolivar dam has been holding this water back for years, just not on an all the time basis.
    Most of the land is useless because of flooding anyhow.
  14. Public notice happens several ways. It can be put into a local paper, it is put on the respective departments website, many times people that work with these agencies are asked for comment through written notification, etc. You'd be checking the Huntington district website of the ACO.

    The dam already being there that long too probably puts it at a disadvantage for being used to create a larger impoundment. Its current structure most likely does not allow it to exceed a certain volume of water retention and height of water. Safety measures would most likely also have to be put into place by creating a larger impoundment and retrofitting may not be feasible or acceptable.

    As it currently stands the Bolivar dam has a max flood pool level of elevation 962 ft and that encompasses approximately 6,500 surface acres. By its definition though it is a dry dam, not having a permanent pool, and functions to prevent downstream flooding by retaining that pool of water.

    Its also interesting to note, one of the main features related to the Bolivar Dam is the Magnolia Levee, and is being studyed becuase it is in danger of failing due to the dam function.
  15. They've redone both sides of the Magnolia levee, over the past 2 years there's been major almost non-stop work done there. There's been work going on at Bolivar Dam and all through that valley also. My neighbor is currently working between Sandyville and Magnolia moving utilities.
    I see allot of indicators, its just wait and see. :cool:
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    I am with Action on this! Let's just wait and see! Keep a positive look about it. Why would they do all this work if they are doing nothing at all with a lake?? Seems to me something might be going on! Hopefully :D Why would they be moving utilities and people investing in something that is not going to exist??
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    Hmm funny I might very well be buying a house in sandyville, in fact I'm going to look at one sat. That land in the area is pretty much ( not where I'm buying but closer to the creek) is all but useless most years. Having grown up there and knowing ppl that farmed that area I wouldn't be surprised to see that land go for a song and a dance. That plus the recent stark parks purchase of the elson mill and canal in magnolia could really help bring a few more bucks into that town.
  18. I am part owner of the 180 acre, Tuscarawas County parcel north of Somerdale OH between the N&W railroad and the Conotton (One Leg) Creek.

    Recently the Tuscarawas Tax Office disallowed our CAUV classification (reduction in taxes for farm use) and also disallowed the "waste-land" classification.

    Although we have farmed this property in the past it has become more difficult due to the increase in flooding from the level adjustments at Bolivar Dam.

    So we filed a complaint with the Tuscarawas County Board of Revision and gained some tax relief.

    At present we are leasing this parcel to a hunting club. As a kid I remember seeing a nice Muskie while fishing the Conotton. Made a few casts but still need 10,000-10 casts yet to land one.

    "River Dude" If you run into any of these people wanting to get rid of some more millions of $ for some prime future beach property, have them make offer to:
    Tom Reel, Milan OH
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    I still don't understand how this can be going on without everyone knowing about it.
  20. ...because its not :rolleyes: