What Spinning Rod?

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  1. I want to get my dad a new spinning rod for his birthday. we fish smallmouth bass and northern pike in Ontario and he uses a Shimano Sierra 3000 (I think) with 10lb test, medium or medium light and 6-7'. Any ideas for a nice rod under $50? I was thinking ugly stik, but I haven't played with nearly enough gear to know.

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  2. I use the Ugly Stik Lite SP1170-2M for casting for pike and smallmouth up in Canada and really like them.

    I think they were around $35 at Gander.

  3. get a st croix triumph rod,or one of the gander mountain rods they have great sensitivity.
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    I use the same thing. I have a Shimano (Sedona or Sahara I forget) on it and it works great for pike.

  5. Can't go wrong with the UGLY STICK LITE series also consider berkley lightning rods. have several of each and actually prefer them over my st. croix's
  6. I like to use the Shimano Crucial spinning rod, medium-light 6'6". It's the most sensitive rod I've ever used, although it sells for over $100. Under $50, I think the Berkley Lightning Rod is the best value. Up in Ontario they have been the best rods for Walleye, although they work great for smallies and largemouth bass too!
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    Nothing wrong with the ugly stick lites, fine rods, I however prefer the berkley lightning rods. unmatched sensitivity for the price IMHO

  8. Check out "Hot Deals Forum " for a 10% off rod coupon at Gander Mountain or the Dick's $10 off purchase of $25 or more coupon. The Ugly sticks can take some abuse - I'm not sure about putting in a trash compactor like in the commercial though......
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    In that price range I'm also a big fan of Lightning Rods for their sensitivity and overall feel. All models are under $50.00 and most are quite a bit less. Get the ones with cork handles, though. I've had trouble with the foam handles. Berkeley also has a $5.00 rebate coupon floating around the stores right now.

    I don't really care for Ugly Sticks. They feel pretty slow, soft and heavy to me. Maybe that trash compactor durability has a price. Just my opinion, I'm not arguing with anyone about it.

    See you out there.

  10. Agree with BlueBoat98...He hit the nail right on the head. For light line smallmouth fishing, there is no comparison between the two rods.

    Berkley Lightning Rod hands down...

    Good Fishin'

  11. I picked up an Gander Mountain IM8 rod for jigging this year, and for pike fishing in the Thousand Islands. I'll be trying it out this weekend for the first time. A few weeks ago, at a Ravenna Marine seminar, a guy who does a lot of walleye jigging recommended it.

    So we'll see.
  12. I use a med action ugly stick for chanel cats.