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what spillway is best?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by basshateme01, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. been wanting to fish somewhere where I can catch some fish, any fish for that matter. I have been debating whether to go to griggs spillway or deercreek. If you know any others that are close to central ohio (half hour from grove city) I would take any suggestions.

    thanks for the info :cool:
  2. Dont waste your time at griggs till the water comes up a bit. Hopefully this rain tomorrow and thursday will bring it up some. Last week i dont know how the fish would even get up to where we normally fish, there was no water!!

  3. fishingredhawk

    fishingredhawk Ohio Hawg Hunter

    I agree. Went to Griggs on Saturday, the water was pretty stagnant on the south side. Not even a hit in about an hour.
  4. Fished Griggs spillway Tuesday evening from 7pm to 9pm and managed only two saugeyes on crankbait. Both were only about 12" long. Went one evening last week and only had one bite in an hour. Any other areas along the reservoirs that might hold saugeyes along the bank?
  5. griggs runs north and south :eek: what side were you on? :confused: :D If we get some rain, ill show you whats up down there ;)
  6. it doesnt matter what side, I know how to get to the south side but if you tell me how to get to the north side ill go there :D
  7. Ok walk down the path, take a right and walk untill you hit your head :D You have reached the North side :eek: :cool:
  8. fishingredhawk

    fishingredhawk Ohio Hawg Hunter

    Thanks Galileo, I get a little confused sometimes ;)
  9. The spillway at Alum dam is looking good. They are pouring plenty of water out. The level is just about 1ft. from the top of the walkway. Several guys fishing. Just went by at 4:00pm today.