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what snake is this?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by leckig, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. I got it from a friend and owuld love to keep it for a while, but only, if this is safe for the snake. [​IMG]
  2. fishcrazy

    fishcrazy Muskie Chaser

    I think its a milk snake but you may want to visit your local extention office or wildlife office. If this is a poisonous snake the small ones are just as deadly. i think permits are required to keep wild animals.


  3. I am no expert by far. Round eye pupil = non-posion........eliptical or diamond pupil = posion.
  4. That is a rat snake, but I aint sure which kind. If you caught it here in Ohio, then you are not allowed to have it, but if it isn't native to Ohio, you are fine. I replyed to your PM.
  5. It is a Milk Snake....and yes you should look into the rules and regs of keeping wild, native ohio reptiles.
  6. That is true for all Ohio snakes, but some poisonous snakes have round pupils too. Like cobras, sea snakes and coral snakes. I have been into snakes ever sinse I was 11. They are my favorite animal, and I like to hunt for them in the summer. I practice the same as if the were fish (catch and release). Also Leckig, if you did catch that here, it is a black rat snake. Although from that picture it does look possible for it to be a eastern milk snake. But I'm sticking with rat snake. Feed them both the same, but if it turns out to be a milk snake, keep in mind that they eat other snakes. All the milk snakes I have caught had redder markings than this snake.
  7. Minor

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    have to go with the post that it is a black snake . . . . yet i haven't played with snakes for about ten years now . . .from the pic posted it looks like a black snake . . . if for some reason the pic isn't showing reddish brown tints that the snake has then it could be a milk snake . . .
  8. Looks like a Northern Water Snake... is a link you can search..This is a list of all snakes in Ohio.Click on ( id by name).

    They are very aggressive but harmless..The marking behind the head looks like one..They are abundent in Ohio..

    You will see a black rat snake in ohio is completely black. This snake looks like a young snake and the marking can be confusing..Goodluck.

  9. I am going to say milk snake as well. We have plenty of them around our place. In fact my wife is pretty creeped out by them and would really be a mess if I told her how many of them I really came across in the yard in a season.:eek:

    Once they are a bit older they are easier to tell apart as the milk snake will coil and rattle (or try since they have no rattle) at you much like a rattlesnake. They will strike out as well although they are not poisonous at all.
  10. lol It for sure aint a Northern Water Snake. It is a Black Rat. And just for the record. Black Rat Snakes are NOT completely Black. When they are babys they have the markings like your snake Leckig. But as they get older, their pattern starts to fade. But as a adult, they still retain some of the pattern. So no Black Rat Snakes are Not completely black (actually they are a dark brown and not black). I have keep them as pets as a kid. Northern Water Snakes pattern looks alot different than Black Rat Snakes. But you are right about one thing. Northern Water Snakes are VERY aggressive snakes. Only all black snakes we have around here is Black Snakes AKA Black Racer. And while Black Snakes have the same pattern as babys, their makings are ALOT darker than the Black Rats.
  11. Black Rats Snakes also rattle their tail. You can also tell it isn't a milk snake by it's markings behind it's head, plus Eastern Milk Snakes heads are alot lighter than Leckigs Black Rat Snake. Bottonline, it is a Black Rat and not a Milk Snake, Water Snake, ect. ect. You guys may run across these snakes, but I actually hunt for them. I HAVE to know what they are with me hunting for them. So no more guessing needed. It's a Black Rat Snake. They can (but rarely) get up to 8 feet long.
  12. I concede. I know a bit about snakes but clearly not as much as Rod & Reel.;)
    That is not intended as a sarcastic statement either. I honestly could not tell the difference between the two from the pictures.:confused:
  13. wow! i think I will have to ask the snake for its name...
    Thanks so much!
    btw - it is not agressive at all. Very friendly.
  14. A little late but i second the juvy black rat snake. The markings are similar to a milk but the head gives it away. I love how everyone freaks out with any snake they find and worries it's poisonous. We only have 3 poisonous snakes in Ohio and there is only one species that you could even really think of finding....Northern copperhead, and even those are rare. Pretty much limited to southeastern ohio and a few areas south of columbus along the ohio river. There are timber rattlesnakes as well but we've done a "good job" extirpating them from most of ohio. You'd be more likely to step 3 inches from one and never see it or hear a rattle. The third is the endangered massaugua and at least according to the DNR it is only found in Kildeer Plains but i know a guy who find them elsewhere in eastern ohio. They are a rattlesnake but their head is so small it'd be very tough for them to even bite you, and their bite is not fatal. They inhabit very dense swamps and you'd likely never come across one.

    For the record, there are NO water moccassins on ohio either. Everyone sees water snakes and freaks out and they usually get the shovel. Sorry for the rant, just love snakes, have 3 of them, and hate to see them constantly get killed because people's ignorance or fear.
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    Looks just like the baby black rat snake I had for a while.
  16. H2O Mellon

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    I say its a Black Mamba.-Just kidding

    I can say what it would be if it were around me........ Dead. But thats just me. I have a terrible fear of snakes. I do enjoy seeing them kept as pets from people that care for them. I just personalyl couldnt do it.
  17. Mellon - do you think that would work for a flathead? It really is just like a huge crawler