what size jig and grub is best for maumee walleye ?

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  1. Do they prefer larger ones or will the larger ones spook them off?
  2. Most people use a #2 jig head (floater) with a 3" grub. Some people go a little bigger or smaller, but this is the most popular by far.

  3. Just my opinion here...but I prefer to use the lightest egg sinker I can get away with...and the large heads and tails require heavier weight..

    #2 head w/ a 3" tail..as posted above.

    You ain't gonna spook them fish with a lure though...seriously....
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    indeed....just enough weight to keep it dancin' along the bottom.
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    I tend to use various weights of jig heads. If I am hitting bottom alot, I use a lighter jig head. I haven't fished floaters very much but alot of people have had good luck with them. I also like using plastic 2-3" shads and hook them just in the head portion so hook is exposed. Gets a little more free swim action.
  6. Early in the run when the water is generally the muddiest and fastest I tend to use the #2 and larger with the 3" tail. When the water levels are down and the clarity is a little better I size way down.
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  8. trebble hooks:eek: just kidding 2+3 as well
  9. A #2 is about the same size as a quarter ounce leadhead and this is my favorite go to also.I use both lead and the floaters.As for tails three in. is the standard.I prefer Powerbait tails.Normally chartruese white or orange will work.However there are days when the multi-colored tails will prevail as the day's go to bait.
  10. Thanks for the info. guys, now I know what to invest in. I am hoping to give it a try this year, it just sounds like too much fun to not give it a try. As for egg sinkers....should I just get a few different sizes to be prepared or is there a basic standard most people go by ?
  11. Early in the run 3/4, mid run 1/2, late run 3/8oz. is pretty much standard. It also will depend where you are fishing, the faster areas like Buttonwood you will use mostly 3/4 . I would say 25% 3/4, 50% 1/2, 25% 3/8.
  12. It all depends on the area at which you are fishing. I used an ounce and a half for a week last year at one spot and caught a lot of fish. I also used 3/8oz. for a long time last year and caught fish. I prefer to use 1/2oz....but that doesn't always get it done.

    Best bet is to put on a 1/2 oz. egger to start...and if you are not ticking bottom...then add...if you are dragging bottom...lighten up. Pay attention to what guys are using around you...and if you are using the same...and they are catching fish and you are not...look again at how long of a leader they are using. Many days length of leader makes ALL the difference in the world. General rule of thumb (for me anyways) is the faster the water, the shorter the leader.

    I'll change leader length 4 times before I even think about changing jig/tail color.
  13. Don't overlook the carolina rig floater. It's killer! and remember on 1/2 spread on hooks for the run...
  14. 1/2 inch hook gap or smaller.......or bigger ?
  15. or smaller....