What should I buy for Steelhead fishing??

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by FishingGuy23, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. hey,
    What lures are the steelhead biting on and what should i buy? Thanks guys and could u give me some ideas in the vermilion river where the hot spots are of steelhead right now?? Thanks for all your help!! And Good Luck SteelHead Fishing This Year!!!

  2. fish jig and maggot under a bobber tipped with maggots! eggs also work under a bobber.cant help you with the V

    heres a good thread for more info..good luck!


  3. Hey Thanks man for the information on steelhead fishing!! Good Luck To You!

  4. Hey fishingGuy, don't tell anybody this (it's top secret stuff :) ) but try eggs (pink) and get them down close to the bottom.
  5. white jigs - black jigs add maggots = TROUT . bare hook-n- maggots = TROUT [ and other fish-chubs/shiners/gills] egg sacs in varies colours like pink-white-orange-chart . Yeah & trout/steelhead worms.Yup,they made plastic worms for trout & powerbait worms too.I've caught Steelies on'em both at the Rock & Verm.Jigs 1/32 & liteR . hooks 8-16 .Git you floRcarbon leaders 4-8 lbs always liteR then your main line ,so it breaks off instead of the main.Them bobbers ain't cheap !! So far black & white worms have caught me fish, chart & pink zippo.The metroparks have good river maps for Trout marked with spots to fish, Rock/Verm/Grand yada yada . ;) :F
    Don't be shy about to talking to other anglers on the water.Just don't fish on top of them & then ask for advice. Good luck & Happy New Year everyone :B