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what model would u get for <$10,000?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by steve9555, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. I'm ready to get a boat! tried of renting. I want to go new because I plan to keep it for a while, and i wnat to know i have a good motor. I'm looking at the Triton 17' with 9.9 hP motor. I believe the price is around $9000. anybody have an opinion on this brand or suggest another? I'm looking to enjoying some leasure bass fishing in central and eastern ohio, and want a flat bottom for stability. :confused:
  2. go used more boat for the money then u can fish more out of the boat insted of working more to pay for the boat mr fish has or had a really nice boat for sale not sure the price

  3. jeffmo

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    try looking around the boat trader site.there are some good deals out there and being able to look at them from your computer saves alot of driving time and money.that site allows you to do a custom search for what ever type boat you're looking for and the price range.
    i found mine on the site and bought it last year from a guy up in hinckley.finances wouldn't have allowed me to buy this same boat brand new but it was a good deal and the guy had taken really good care of's a 1997 17' monark pro w/a 125 merc and all the bells and whistles and it was under $9000.
    alot of people buy new boats and after a year or two they end up not having the time to use them and put them on the market.
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  5. Hard to beat a Lund Steve.
    It may cost a little extra but it has a better resale value and you probably get a larger motor in the package for the money.
  6. Welcome to the site Steve! I agree with what others mentioned about a used boat. There is nothing wrong with a nice used boat and the price is much more attractive. However, if you can afford the large price tag go for it. Another option if you are concerned about having a new motor is to buy the motor separate. Often times the used boats that you see for sale do not have a motor on them anyway. You mentioned a 17' with a 9.9 HP. I assume that you are thinking that you want to be able to fish the restriced lakes. If you do go with a boat with only a 9.9 HP make sure that you get it out and run it a bit to see if it gets you around good enough. You don't want to get something that will plow along if you end up on Alum Creek or another large lake. When you are getting up into 17' area you may get to where a 9.9 struggles a bit. A lot of that depends on the boat design and total weight. Good luck on your new boat purchase and of course on the fishing season!;)
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    Here is what I did a few years ago. I went online and emailed a bunch of marinas telling them what I wanted. I got an email back and it looked good. I went checked it out and everthing checked out and I bought it. You don't have to even spend 9,000 dollars. I ended up with something like you wanted. I got a 1997 17' sea nymph Tx 175 looks just like a bass tracker. And a brand new johnson 50 with warrenty for 6,500 dollars. It was in really good shape. It would have even cost a lot less with a new 9.9. Just be patient and look around there is the right bout out there for ya. The same boat would sell for around 12,000 new. I put some money into it on fishfinders and safety requirements but not much. When buying this boat i planned on keeping it for a few years till I get what I really want. (Fiberglass bass boat that I have for a long time). Good luck in your search.