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what lb's line

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Anth, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. What pound line do you all use ? and who makes it ? does color matter?
  2. Fishing for?

    For bass and smaller i use, 6lb SpiderLine™ Super Mono XXX

    For cats i use, 15-30lb Trilene Big Game

    To me color does not matter, but to those whom i does matter i think it usually depends on the water conditions?

  3. bass and smaller fish.
    i just got some spiderwire EZ casting, 8lb lo-vis green. is spiderwire good?
  4. For me Anth, color does not matter unless you are a line watcher. I'm not, so I use whatever color, I do not buy a certain color. Line is a difficult item to buy in general, it's more personal than anything I think. I have a very short powerful hookset, so I like very little stretch in my line. The only way to find line with no stretch or little try them out. Or go talk to JBJ at GAlyans. He'll help you out.

    Do know this....try to use as light a line as possible. Especially when the fishing is tough. Any little advantage helps, and the smaller diameter the better. Maybe use Flurocarbon which vanishes in the water to a certain extent, probably better than many lines. But A lot of people love SpiderWire, becuase they get the strength of a larger diameter line in a more compact diameter. I personally love MagnaFlex from Stren for my baitcasters. It cast smooth and it doesn't back up nearly as bad as other lines. It has little stretch and good sensitivity. I love it, but you gotta grab it when you can. Those fellas up at Galyan's love it too. I am still trying to find a line for my spinning reels. I did not like Yo-zuri Fluroclear much, castable but a lot of stretch. Missed too many fish. So the search goes on.

  5. On my two ultra lites I have the Mr. Crappie Camo line. It is 6lb. I had 4 pound on them but decided to change to something just a little heavier. I mostly use my ultra lites for all fishing. I can cast heavy or light tackle with this line.
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    Don't know how it works on smaller reels or spinning reels, but for baitcasters for river catfish use, 20 thru 30lb line is fine. 900 yards for 10 bucks, never had a problem with the line, and good and cheap for those of us who respool a couple of reels 4 or so times a year. Used to use trilene, gets too expensive. But I use trilene on all of my smaller spinning and bass baitcasting reels.