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  1. I am taking my son somewhere fri fishing.I wanted to go to the Big O but it is way too high.I live close to EF but was thinking it would b too muddy.Where would u all go for clearer water?I have never been to any of the other lakes/res in SW OH.Was thinking cats and or crappie.Thanks for any suggestions.
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    I think you may have to wait a while longer. Pretty much everything is going to be a mudhole after this last couple of days. As for a good crappie lake near you, I would try Rocky Fork. Search some of the posts on here, there is a lot of good info.

  3. rocky fork isn't a flood control lake so it may be your best bet...call me if you need directions
    or cowan lake if you dont mind using your trolling motor(10hp limit)
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    Hey Truck,
    We were planning on doing the same thing...my son and I. Only, he's 8 & we're on the bank. With all of the rain, was thinking maybe Isabella....but am not sure if it's worth my ten bucks...hahaha. If worst comes to worst, maybe the water will be down enough up here & we can fish the gravel pits.. Good luck!
  5. ha i was going to suggest isabela as well, brookville was muddy as can be today which probably means everywhere is muddy