what kind of line ?

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  1. I was just wondering what kind of line everyone will be useing this season ? I guess i am looking mainly for people fishing foe bass
  2. neocats1

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    As always with me, Vicious Ultimate for most occasions. Their new panfish line has been excellent ice fishing. I haven't tried the flouro but I hear good things about it.

  3. Marshall

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    I have been using Pline cxx for years on baitcasters and flouroclear on spinning reels with no problems. Not one fish last year due to break offs. I 'm not a big fan of braid although if you fish alot of lilly pads and thick stuff i'm sure it has its place. I get sick of removing braid from my trolling motor prop because people break it off and leave 50 feet of line out. 12 to 15 lb pline will cover most situations and 17 for your jig rod. Its a personal preference but Pline has yet to let me down.
  4. crittergitter

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    I read some great reviews about Suffix Elite. I am switching all my multi species rods to 6lb Suffix Elite. I mainly fish for crappie, walleye, saugeye and river smallmouths. I have a couple musky fishing outfits, but I will line those with braid since "no stretch" is a huge plus when it comes to those critters. Going with Spiderwire Ultracast 80 lb on my musky rods this year.

  5. i love sufix elite and used it all last year and it was great...i cant afford the real high dollar stuff. sufix is some of the best mono for 8 bucks, im going to give the braid a try this year too

    i used 14 on most of my bass rods, and 20 on my catfishin rods

    plus they have rebates at dicks now for 6 bucks off 2 spools
  6. Call me cheap...Cajun Line
    And Power pro for braided
  7. I just switched from fireline to stren superbraid. I love it so far. casts and feels much better, and is supposed to keep its color way longer. I alway use a 3-5 ft pure florocarbon leader on the end.
  8. soua0363

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    Berkley Big Game (10 lbs test to 20 lbs test)...it has never failed me. I like Sufix too but it has not been tested like the Big Game yet.
  9. BiteMyLine

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    Heavy Cover Setups - Fireline Crystal (2 baitcaster's, 2 spinning) Never have I used the Fireline Crystal but I have high expectations for it.

    All other P Line CXX. I really like this stuff and will never switch back as long as they keep making this product. Virtually invisible in water and great toughness for lower test line, and also cast super smooth. (1 baitcaster, 1 spinning).
  10. Mamps it may be cheap but red line is awesome. I will never use fireline again since i've had it SNAP on me 3 times. Power Pro for my braided set up and Pline evolution and Pline CXX for me as well