What kind of leader do you use?

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  1. In the past, I have used mainly 7 strand steel 6-12 inches for casting and 18-24 inches for trolling. Usually black. I was checking out a catalogue and saw titanium leaders for $8-12 which is more than some of my bucktails. Plus they have fluorcarbon leaders $5-7...

    Any thoughts on color - black, nickel or red?
    7 strand vs titanium vs fluorcarbon?

    My only problem with the steel leaders is an occasional kink but you can discard a lot of kinked leaders for $12.....
  2. Cutt'em Jack

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    I make my own leaders. I mainly use 100 pound flouro, 12 inches and single strand 174 pound jerkbait leaders, 12 inches. I don't troll so I have no need for a longer leader.

  3. The good leaders are pretty expensive. I went through quite a few fishing WB last year so I invested in a crimper and some sleeves. I made some 3' ones out of Yozuri HD pink 100# but they haven't really been tested yet to give you a report. They cost about $1 to make and wire ones would be even cheaper.
  4. esoxhunter

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    I buy all of my trolling leaders from www.thornebros.com
    80lb flouro trolling leaders with Stringease snaps. $5 a pop, but top quality. I go through only a couple a year.
  5. triton175

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    I make my own too. Use 80lb fluorocarbon and sleeves/crimper. 12inches for casting, 3-4 feet for trolling.

  6. ShutUpNFish

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    I make and sell these (a heck of a lot cheaper than $8)...have been making them for years. Twist Weld 7 strand SS with Sampo bearing swivels. Never crimped, always wrapped...I've had crimped ones come undone on me. I know alot of guys who like to use the florocarbon leaders too. I have found little difference in the success ratio between floro and steel leaders. They all work pretty well, so its an issue of who prefers what.
  7. fffffish

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    Iam with shutupnfish I make the same leaders and have not had one fail yet.