What Kind of Hawk is This?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by FireMurph, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. This guy hangs out in my back yard, :) he seem friendly. A few weeks ago while walking down to see how frozen the creek was he came flying to a tree about 10 feet from me. He stayed their while I walked back to the house and got the camera. After about 5 minutes of pictures he flew to another tree about 10 yards away, he stayed their at least 20 more minutes, he was still their when I went back up to the house.
    Any know what type of Hawk this is:confused: ? I have no idea.

  2. Fishpro

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    Looks like a Coopers. I can't tell from your picture, is there any blue on his head?

  3. Hook N Book

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    Can't really see the top of it's tail but I wouold guess it's a Red Tail Hawk.
    Also, the small picture is a thumbnail that can be enlarged by clicking on it. If you delete the large one the small one works just fine.
  4. See if this is better.

    I fixed the other pictures.[​IMG]
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  6. Thanks!:eek: He's always around, wish I could find out why he hangs out in my yard. I do have the Mosquito creek but I'm only about 30 yards from the road. Maybe he's hunting all the ducks?


    Don't know but he sure is fun to watch.

    Maybe I could train him to hunt the Geese, My bird dog won't go after them he just looks at me like you want me to do what!
  7. Yep looks like a red tail, beautiful birds. I am seeing them everywhere in this state now. You probably have lots of field mice around and thats why he hangs out.
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    saw one with a pigeon in his talons today here in cleveland at pearl and ridge rd. he was tearing it apart in the yard of a birdfeeder. they will find the feathers for sure. i found some rabbit fur and blood on my sidewalk last summer too.
  9. cantsleep

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    I agree with shortdrift, looks like a juvie red tail. Awesome to have one hanging around like that, enjoy.
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    gotta love hawks! I had bird feeders but stopped feeding cause this hawk would hunt my feeder! lol. he took pigeons like nothing and even a rabbit once! thats when I stopped feedng the birds. haha. too bad for the hawk. I would of still helped him out since I had no clue but the neighbors called and complained of the gruesome kill!
  11. there is alot of hawks here in ohio now im glad to see ppl are seeing them more often.....im not sure what kind it is but im sure if you go to www.odnr.com you will find a anwser i have that bird as a screen saver from odnr i just do not remember..........thanks for sharing the photo
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    The tail looks a little short to be a Red-tailed Hawk. Looks more like an immature Red-shouldered Hawk.
    Size is the key. The Red-tailed will be 22-24 inches with a 48 inch wingspan.
    The Red-shouldered will be 18-20 inches with a 40 inch wingspan. They will also hang around the neighborhood and hunt at bird feeders... Cool.
  13. Based on its size, shape, color and the fact that the pic was taken in ohio, my guess is Red-Tailed Hawk.

    Backyard feeders placed out in the open are easy targets for a diving hawk. If possible, move it to a more bushy or wooded spot. At least it will give the songbirds a fighting chance. Any birds that get picked off after that I just chalk up to survival of the fittest ;).
  14. We have a couple that hang around the yard & front of the woods. I think they follow you because you tend to spook rabbits, mice, & birds and makes it easier for them. We had a Cooper's hawk that would sit on the roof and swoop down on the doves at the bird feeder ......... it was something to see when it hit a dove hard !!
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    Not to cool to have around your rabbit and squirrel hunitng spots though......
  16. Really cool animals to watch. Had a friend of the family growing up that was big into falconry...he had one of these and few other birds as well. Rabbit hunting with a trained red-tail is truely awesome!
  17. We have those by my moms house red tailed hawk for sure. they always try to get my chickens.