What kind of fish is this?

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  1. I can't tell if this is a white bass, hybrid, or striper. 2.jpg
  2. Most likely a Hybrid, definately NOT a white bass, too long of body, even stripers sometimes have the broken lines on them, no way from the picture to be sure, a fun fish to catch no matter what! Good job,

  3. Looks like the lines are broken to me, should be a hybrid.
  4. It has to be a hybrid. It was caught way up the Great Miami in the Hmilton area on an 1/8 oz. rooster tail in March. I hooked it on a 5' UL with 6lb. test. The drag was screamin'.
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    I'd also vote for a hybrid since the lines go all the way to the tail, especially the first one below the lateral line. Check out the post by LittleMiamiJeff over on the hybrids forum. How to ID...

  6. its a skinny hybrid, but trap it doesnt have to be a hybrid in the gmr, there are true's that swim up that river on occasion. however skinny stripers are built more like a tube than that, and have even darker stripes. usually you know one when you catch it, they look very different from hybrids in person but not in pics for some reason
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    what kind of fish is it? it's a nice one !!! i got :S on lake erie today