what kind of fish is this?

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  1. ran across this pict online. thought it was interesting. anyone seen it before? or know if its a real pict or fake?


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    A dork fish. They eat corn dogs.

    No really, it's supposed to be two northern pike. One inside the other's gill. Entertaining? Yes. True? Not sure.

  3. WOW!!!!!
    they should have put it back...now im going to have bad dreams.....lol
  4. My dad was a fish farmer .Well he raised fish for fun. I rember that two fish
    grew together when they were fingerlings.But they didn't live long after that.but I guess they could live.He would sell the fish to clubs.
  5. ok i see now. it looks like its 2 pike a big one and a small one. the small ones head is inside the big ones gill. or it could be a siamese fish. so would that fight twice as hard?

  6. Its definately a fish with a smaller head put up the gills of a large one, if it even has a head now and the body is just put under the gill. It could even just be layed over it. There is no way a fish could live that long and grow to that size if were truely born like that, it would starve if it made it past a year. Most mutations that aren't automatically lethal become lethal just because something that looks like that couldnt compete to stay alive. Pike are well documented to have other pike near their size stuck in their mouths and then die shortly after. Things like two headed snakes and frogs also while occuring dont live too long, but a single head and two bodies definately would be an even harder mutation to cope with.

    lol and youre telling me two pike with independent heads, thus independent brains, wouldn't thrash about wildly becuase they were stuck together let alone that close, when they are such a territorialy fish.

    Its someone that layed a stringer down in a clever way. :T
  7. It looks photoshopped.

    The pike on the lefts head is upside down. The dorsal fin is on the same side of the body as the fish's chin.
  8. bird


    the inside of the mouth of the two gives this one away u came see the image is fabricated. This is a good pic though. for a novice.
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    I ran into this picture last year on a website that stated the fish was caught in ND. According to them it was a real catch and not photoshopped.
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    nuclear fish yeaaaaaaaaa