What kind of deer is this? Lot of pictures

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  1. First off, if this is in the wrong section mods, move it where it goes please.

    I was at my farm today checking out an issue from one of the tenants and as soon as I pull in I see this big buck in the back.
    We watched this deer for about 30 minutes. He was clearly not affraid of us. At first I thought it was a pet however the neighbor came out and showed me some pictures of him last year during rut.

    Is it a mule deer? I have no clue. The coat is more black than brown. Antlers look very strange (certainly not a whitetail)
  2. Looks like a Sika buck. The ones that live on the eastern shores of Maryland!

  3. Yep, it sure looks like a Sika.

    Mamps --- When Sika deer are in rut they are very territorial and unpredictable. You may want to wait until spring to play with your new and very cool pet.

    Sika’s come into rut about the same time as White Tails .---- Now
  4. Thanks! It does look like a Sika deer. I did some research...how the heck is this around Columbus Ohio?
    This had to at some point be a pet.
    Talk about some awesome land!!! We have a 10 or 12 point Albino (all white) deer, we have some white and black squirells and some of the largest red fox you have ever seen.
    Why did I move back to the city :-(


    It Probably Got Loose From A Game Farm Or One Of The Private Pay To Hunt Places , You May Want To Ask Dnr If Its A Recognized Game Animal Of Ohio . If Not You May Have A Nice Head To Put On The Wall. An They Taste Very Good Also. Lol . Almost Just Like A Axis Deer.
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    It might be a Sika, but I'm putting my money on it being a Red deer. Every picture of a Sika I've seen, the antlers are small. Put an arrow in it and let us know for sure.;)
  7. Way too big for a Sika, body and rack. I was gonna saw fallow but the body is too dark. I know nothing about red deer.
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    black crappie
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    lol. If it's not a Black crappie it's gotta be the famous OGF BlackCooperRattleFoxRatWater snake, which as everyone knows has enough venom to kill an elephant.

    Awsome deer by the way man! Would love to see some more pics.
  10. I think mountain lions chased it here :) ......... But seriously, if it is a type of deer that is not common here then dont kill it. Its possible they are expanding their territory and may establish a good huntable population if left alone.
  11. The pics are small enough so that its hard to see much detail and determine what species it is. Is it possible its just a different color variation in a whitetail deer ? I have seen everything from albinos to really dark haired ones to those having an extra leg or antlers that resemble a moose, but freak variations are known to happen and can result in some strange looking deer.
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    It came with Sasquatch and the Black Panther, they blew in with the hurricane....
    Maybe it came from the high fence area just South of Pataskala near 70, don't know how it could've gotten over that fence. Just a suggestion, sorry for bringing up high fence.
    Gotta run, the saugeye night bite is on!
  13. Actually I think the Gahanna lion that everyone saw a few years back that made national news chased it over here from China.
    In all seriousness, this is certainly not a whitetail or any variation from it!
    From the research that i have done, it does look like a Sika however I really don't know what kind it is.
    I will try to change the pictures out tonight to larger pictures.
  14. I know where this deer is from. It appears you are from Pataskala Ohio, I am as well. The farm always has several get loose every year. He normally is traveling with an Albino female. I actually had this deer walk through my decoy spread one day while goose hunting.

    Legally you ARE allowed to harvest this animal. My thinking is why would you? However, after to speaking to the DNR they encourage it. Potentially he could breed a Whitetail and if successful a mess might occur. If you want to know the farm he came from, just PM me.

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    If it's not a whitetail there is no season, take him at will, or you could sell hunts for him.
  16. Non-native species to Ohio, it is legel to kill it any time, same with elk and boar.

  17. You can't be serious! :rolleyes:
  18. as close as you get to that deer, makes me think its a game deer from a farm,, i would call odnr, and report it, it may carry a bad virus or something,you never no with wildlife from other states or breeding grounds,, i dont wanna sound like a worry wort but it could happen,,,

  19. ****Laughing**** , why not ? I dont mean if the thing was from africa or siberia or something like that, but if just from another area here in the US. Now that weve established that its not then it isnt relavent...but with the changing global climate we are seeing many species either expand their normal range or become endangered. Even alligators and certain snakes are being spotted more often in places once thought to be completely intollerable for them.
  20. There are no other species of deer that are even remotely close to our region which is why most everyone here has drawn the conclusion that it is from a farm of some sort. I am sure that you will not find any wildlife officers that share your view of allowing them to start their own population locally. If that were the case it would already to done. I think the best course of action if anyone encounters this deer in the wild during their deer hunting would be to shoot it.