what kind of atv do you have?

Discussion in 'ATV's' started by bigjohn513, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. I have an artic cat 500 4x4...been a great bike, bought new in may 2001
  2. Lundy

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    I bought a Polaris Ranger last November.

    I use it for hunting and ice fishing, I love it, so far.

    Sunrise on Hubbard Lake Michigan

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  3. Lundy

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    6 miles out on Saginaw Bay

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  4. Polaris 400 4x4----herds cows great!!!!plus goes up hills!!!lol! :D
  5. DaleM

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  6. Here ya go...nice bike...

  7. H2O Mellon

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    '02 Honda Racher 350 (2 wheel drive) my dad has the 4x4 same model/same year. They both will haoul tons of corn to the deer feeders as well as bring the dead deer out of the woods on the racks.

    Have had : '85 Suzuki 185 (bought new)-GREAT for the year
    '97 Polaris Trail Boss 250 (bought new)-Didnt Like Much At All, some ended up stealing it, was treated so badly at my local Polaris dealership, I went out the same day & bought the Honda w/ the insurance $ & got a loan for the rest.
  8. I have a 500 scrambler. It has been overheating for the last 3 years. It has been bored out before. After that it started overheating. since then it has had every cool system part replaced. My only guess is that they have thin walls and after being bored out it is worse. but i dont want to replace the block. Any other ideas??????
  9. rockbass

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    I have an 05 Honda Rancher 350 4x4 also have the snow plow to have fun with in the winter!
  10. I have a camo '04 Suzuki Vinson.

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  11. big_fish

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    we have 2 suzuki ozarks best quads I have ever ownedwe usualy ride 3 days a week and hit alot of mud and I can't say enough about these little bikes
  12. NewbreedFishing

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    \m/ 350 YAMAHA WARRIOR \m/
  13. Mine is a pair of Red Wing size 15 boots. They take me into the deer and drag the deer back out. I have had these in mud holes and up mountains that even the 700s with their all their ground clearance can't match.
  14. I have a 400 Yamaha Kodiak,4x4,utility bike.Been a real good bike.
  15. i have a 2005 kawasaki 750 big brute very nice quad. has lots of power
  16. bronzebackyac

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    Yeah bassn8er I have the same Quad; 2001 kodiak 400. I love it. Has been a really nice tool for deer season. Bought it from a buddy who let it sit in his garage for two years. He wanted a big screen TV (lazy) and I wanted an ATV(fun) so 2K bucks flashed in his face and it was mine. Still worth at least 3k. Just don't have the heart to sell her. I would be cussing myself come deer season lol...
  17. rockbass

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    Have to update my ATV status. The girlfriend bought herself a Suzuki Z250 sportbike.........or something like that :eek:

    Awesome bike for sure.....Whole new world from riding the utility bike though. Already flipped it twice while climbing hills :D
  18. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    I have a Polaris 325 Magnum 4 X 4 . I use it for deer hunting, snow plowing and for pulling my Lawn tractor out of the mud when I get it stuck in the back yard. It's a life saver when I have to haul a deer from way back in the woods.
  19. I have the same machine as whaler. It's been good for just about everything.