What it's all about...first Bass 2008

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    Hey all,
    I didn't figure anyone would mind me showing a couple pics that bring it home to me...my son Bobby and I were on Long Lake again last Saturday, 3/30/08...we got ourselves back up the Tusc, to our "Hideyhole" and out of the wind pretty well...'56 Johnson 10 hp. motor on the smaller 14' 1982 Basstracker was running great...so was the 24 volt Bow mount Brute...we tried a few different things and experimented with live baits on the bottom and some Crappie rigs, not much happening there...Bobby has a new "Cherrywood" 5'6" rod with a Johnson Spincast Reel he got as a door prize at the Falls Outdoor Sports Show it was texas rigged for the bottom ...I picked up my own new outfit it's first time out, an 11 bearing Daiwa Advantage HSTA on a new Quest IM-7 rod...third or fourth cast and Bingo! Who's a happy guy? This fifteen incher came on a Texas rigged 4" Berkeley Twistertail in Blue. Doesn't look like he was too hungry. I guess the pictures tell the rest, you can see my net man there, catch, photo, and release, of course. We had a pretty great day, and we make a good team together. A little later, he stepped around me and took the pedal controls to keep the boat off a downed tree as we were drifting on the river while I took care of a little "professional override" on one of the other reels. He sure did a good job and he "saved the bacon" a couple of times that day. Pretty proud Papa here.
    Good Fishing,
    Woody in Akron
    Portage Lakes/Coventry

    My net man Bobby...

    Bobby with First Long Lake Bass 2008

    Long Lake first Bass 3/30/08
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    Sure looks like bobby was having fun. Way to go dad!

  3. Ruminator

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    "...anyone would mind"?! Shoot Woody, this thread is what OGF is ALL about! ;) :B

    Great fishing report, thanks!

    Its always nice to see a father/son report here, and with great pics to boot. :cool:

    You've got a great partner there. !%
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    Now thats what I'm talkin bout.:D
    Great post Woody.
  5. why do i not see the pictire? great report is always great to get out with the kids
  6. ahhhhh yes, i remember the days goin fishin with my dad. best times of my life!!! nice fish by the way!!
  7. You hear the word thrown around a lot these days, but THAT truely is "priceless". Way to be Dad!