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What is your worse fishing memory...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by atrkyhntr, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. Mine is easy...
    We were fishing a 2 day walleye tournament in the pro division around 1982-84 and after the first day we were right there sitting in 6th place looking to make our move to the top on sunday. Sunday came and we got into some big fish about 10am and started culling by 2pm.. Weigh-in was at 5pm so we had time to run around and try to find some HUGE fish which we did and after doing a little math we figured we needed one 10lb'r or better to put us on top.
    Guess who was the lucky one to get it on...
    I hooked a huge fish and everyone on our team and the spy (someone from another team who rode on other boats to keep things honest) reeled in their rods to watch me fight the fish we just knew would win this thing for us...
    Time was running out we had to head back soon...
    The water was pretty clear and we could see this monster walleye just shaking his head and flaring his gills with mouth wide open at times trying to get released from the gold topdog erie derie I had been using... I was back reeling instead of using the reels drag system for fear of the drag becoming too tight and snapping the line. Just as we thought the walleye was ready for the net it put on another tug of war again with mouth open, gills flaring and head shaking from side to side...
    It looked good for us as the fish was starting to roll a little on its side, a sure signal that this fight was about to end, then all fo a sudden the rod tip popped up and the fish was gone!!! Upon inspection the hook had almost straightened completly out :eek:
    I had just lost the fish that indeed, we would find out later, would have won us that tournament because we came in 3rd only 1lb 14oz from 1st place and 8oz from 2nd "UGH" and out largest walleye was 8.10 lbs which mine was sure to have topped by several lbs!!!
    I still think about that fish and the fight we had from time to time... :eek: :rolleyes:

    Let me hear about your story :D

    gezzzz I have another !!!

    I used to fish OBTC Bass Circuit and one sat we were pre-fishing Caesar Creek Res and doing really well in a feeder creek that had some flooded bushes and shrubs in it...
    We simply cast crankbaits past the targets and reel the lures into them ticking the tops which triggered small walleye (could have been hybreds) and bass into striking... We caught 4-5 walleye to every bass, maybe even more but we had found a very good pattern that we figured would hold out come sunday... Sure enough while sleeping we heard the rain come and BAM our honey hole turned to a muddy mess with the water going from clear to mud infested overnight... Needless to say we got skunked that tourney... Did have some fish for the freezer though from what we caught sat... No bass just walleye though ;)
  2. Perch

    Perch Perch Addict

    Mines easier .................... get this:

    I caught my Gramma once, she was standing about 8 ft behind me on the dock and I buried a rusty hook coated with maggots into her upper arm tendon !! Fun trip to the hospital and all that !!

    Told ya !!

    FUN :D :D

  3. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    My water pump went at the begining of a bass tourny. Limited me to where I could fish. I caught fish, but took dead last. Any way a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work!!
  5. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    My worst to date other than losing several biggun's(haven't we all! :D )

    the one and only time I have ever fished the Ohio River, My then girlfriend and myself were fishing out of the 12 ft boat her dad got for us to use. We were using some homemade crankbaits and were catching smallies. Well she had one on about 2.5 lbs or more and lifted it into the boat for me to unhook it. She did not feel comfortable with the trebles and all. Well I did a dumb thing and with the fish hanging in the air, I grabbed the line above the fish to try to get it to calm down. reached for its mouth with the other hand and it started thrashing. out comes the crank and into my finger goes the hook. I know lots of you have been hooked, but this was and still is the only time I have been seriously hooked. I tried the method of pushing the hookon through, but it was straight into my finger I am thinking it may have been close to the bone. well anywho, I got the pliers and pulled and pulled until it came out. Man I will never forget that. she just laughed at me. I did not catch another fish after that. Than on the way home, I realized I left my wallet on the boat. We pulled over and luckily it had fallen back into the boat and did not fall off the boat. Lucky for me cuz I had some cash with me that day too! I guess if that is as bad as it gets for me, I will be a happy man! ;)
  6. Back in the early '80's. I had reconstructive surgery on my right knee do to a football injury. Blown patella tendon, broken knee cap, some cartilage removed...It was a mess. During rehab, which back then lasted a good year, I decided to head to the Holden Arboretum in Kirtland with a couple of friends to do some bass fishin.

    We hadn't caught a whole lot that day. The Arboretum closed at dusk. I was gettin uncomfortable just standing. My right leg was.....over used and tired, starting to hurt a bit.

    We had about 15 m minutes left to fish when I see, on the other side of the lake we were fishing on, bass were after something. Lots of splashing, rolling, all that noise. There were fish over there. I decided to run down the path that encircled the lake, counterclockwise, to at least see what was over there.

    I'm running hard. There's a fork in the path I'm on. I commit to the left at full tilt. My first step, I realize this path ends at the I plant my left leg to make the cutback, SNAP...I'm airborne. I land 8 feet off the path, on my back, it the midst of this monster blackberry patch.

    Here we go again.
    This time, blown ACL in my left leg. It took bone off when it blew. They spliced my patella tendon to create a new ACL.

    I didn't know what leg to favor for the longest time.
  7. 1 week after reconstructive surgery on my left knee, some friends and I headed to Lake Chautauqua for a weekend of camping and fishing. We get there maybe 2 oclock AM on a Saturday morning. The camp site is dark, it's raining real bad. There's no one at the gate to the camp site, so we just pick out our own site.
    At first light, my buddies head to the office to sign in. I'm at the tent by myself just watching it rain. My buds come back and say we're in the wrong spot, gotta move. I get up to help move, crutches and all, I'm told to sit down and find something to do until they have moved us. Great, I have some spare time to kill.

    I grabbed a knife to whittle a stick. I'm holding the stick in my left hand, knife in my right. I try to splice the branch down the middle with a downward stroke. Well, the knife slipped off the branch and bounced off of my left index finger's knuckle. (never a good sign when you fell the bounce)
    It's split wide open. Stitches time.
    We get to the ER. I'm using crutches. My knee had a split cast. 8 inches up the femur site is solid cast. 8 inches down the Tib-fib in full cast. The center of the knee was visible. All the railroad tracks from the surgery shown.
    The ER nurses and Doc's jump to action...ON MY KNEE. I politely inform them that the injury is to my finger.
    The head nurse (love that title) starts asking about my knee. I inform her of the torn ALC, for some reason she cops a tude and says something to the effect that I have no idea what a ACL is........My Irish temper is starting to rear. By this time in life, I could darn near rebuild a knee with the right tools.
    Finally they address the finger. Doc's says I cut through 80% of the tendon that flexes the index finger and microsurgery is recommended. Whatever, get me back to the lake.
    We get back, I'm all doped up on pain meds. It's still raining real bad. We're hitting the "your turn to create a cocktail" mode of camping." There's a river running through our fire pit. The guys decide to head to town and hit a bar.
    In a nut shell, we get to the bar, I'm done. They prop me in a corner, literally, with my crutches and a drink and my left hand raised above my heart, and do their thing. I was positioned just as you walk in. Patrons were greeted by a half dead, leaning, Frankenstein looking monster, mumbling "Welcome, don't do anything I wouldn't do"
    No fish caught that trip.
  8. The worst thing that has happened to me while in the boat was being hooked by my brother casting a rooster tail. I performed a little self-surgery and removed the hook. In a week or so, I couldn't even tell it happened. For my dad, the worst thing that happened to him was when we were fishing Lake St. Clair. We were catching smallmouth and he hooked into a sheephead, like usual. When he put down his rod to take the fish off and throw it back, he propped it up against the side of the boat. All I know is that this was the last time we ever saw hir rod and reel. I guess it just went over the side of the boat somehow. That ended up making him mad the rest of the trip because he had to use a combo which he regularly used for pike. It was funny watching him try to cast a tube with a medium heavy (at the lightest) rod and 25lb. test line, the tube went fifteen feet and died.
  9. flathunter

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    Getting skunked five straight trips with OGF member H20 Mellon.
  10. Perch

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    ouch !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Canoe trip in Minnesota. My buddy and I drifted into this perfect little bay with a waterfall coming in from another lake some downed trees, just the perfect place to fish. We both cast to where the water is coming in from the waterfall and bam, we both hook up almost at the exact same time and land 2 nice smallies. I go to put them on the stringer since we had not keep anything for dinner yet and I pick up the stringer and drop it right over the side of the canoe. So I tell my buddy to cut off some of the anchor rope for a stringer, well he does that puts the fish on it ties it to the canoe and drops it over the side. Well the end of the rope that he tied to the canoe was still attached to the anchor and the 2 fish with the other half of the rope swam off. So we are already out a stringer 2 fish for dinner and half our anchor rope. Well next cast my buddy gets hung up and he is yanking on his rod and I say "you better watch it, your gonna break your rod", next thing I heard was SNAP. Then my next cast I get hung up and guess what, SNAP goes the end of my rod. So in the span of 10 minutes we lose a stinger, 2 fish, half our anchor rope and 2 snapped rods and in that same 10 minutes my dad and brother catch 3 or 4 nice smallies and a really nice pike while laughing their butts off at us. The rest of the trip was great but those 10 minutes were pretty rough!
  12. Ok, just this past year, I was at the padanarum launch at Pymatuning.

    I'm pulling my trailor down into the water to lauch and here comes the Park ranger. We go through the whole inspection, life vests, flares, anchor rope, etc...He was a very pleasant fellow and gave me my safety sticker, wished me luck.

    Then as he is ready to ticket some older gent in a crappy canoe with no vests on board, I back down in.....I get out, release my winch rope, all the while watching this older guy argue w/ the ranger....

    I look back to see, about 2 ft of water in my boat and coming on fast....

    i forgot my dang drain plug. The ranger laughed, helped haul it back onto my embarassing....I went from really knowing my stuff, having all required equipment, backing up on first try, to being a total moron ... :D

    Boy I'll never forget my drain plug again....

  13. Hooch

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    While fishing out of the back of a canoe, my "friend" in the front ties on a 5" Zara Spook and casts toward some rising fish...but instead of the splash from the lure, I see "stars" and hear my "friend" complain about the worst backlash he's ever seen! YES, he hit me in the back of the head, buried 2 of the 3 hooks from the back treble, just behind my left ear. The force was so strong that it straightend the hooks out and the lure was in the water. Fortunately, no stitches required. All I ask is, "Please look before casting!!" -Hooch-
  14. gonefishin'

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    Many years ago I was out with a girlfriend. I told her that after dinner I wanted to swing by Sun TV a buy a fishing radio. Well, one thing led to another and she said let's go fishing. (Should have married her right then.) I said that it was raining and maybe not the best time to head out for a fishing trip. She told me it was going to stop. Thank you Sue Ganal. Sure enough it stopped right before we got to Delaware. She said that whatever happened she didn't want to wake up in the reservior. No problem! Well, we found a spot off 229 where we can drive down to the water. There's a couple of guys there who look like drowned rats and have had enough, they even gave us their fish. So we fish and listen to the radio till about 1 am and then sleep in the car.
    I was awakened about 7 am by a truck horn. All I could see was water all around us. Scary! I had parked on a hump so we were out of the water but I had to get my left arm out from under her head and get the car started and get out of there all without waking her up. OK, chew off, I can do this. Got all the way to the front seat before she woke up. Have you ever seen the cartoon where the cat freaks out and sticks to the ceiling? That was her. Man was she hysterical! Fortunately, we got out without a problem and I thanked the guy in the truck. I think she was so glad to be out that she didn't even get mad but, she never let me forget either.
  15. catking

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    Myself and cwcarper going down with the ship on Lake Moultrie (Santee Cooper) It was a 30' pontoon and VERY ROUGH waters....... It was scarry to say the least....... We both swim like a rock.......... CATKING :)
  16. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    I also forgot about the time me and my uncle were fishing out of his jon boat at Clendening. He stood up to stretch his legs. After he sat down, I then stood up to stretch mine out. well when I was standing he brough his rod back and around my head it raps 2 and the spinnerbait sticks me in the upper lip. I was foul hooked though, cuz it ws on the outside of the mouth! :cool: :p Instantly my lip went numb, and I was feeling for the barb, but could not feel it. I was about to freak out and was asking my uncle if it was in past the barb. He just laughed his arse off at me like it was the funniest thing he's ever seen. I kept telling him it was not funny, I could not feel the barb. He continued to laughed as I pulled it free. Luckily it was not in past the barb. I kind of got him back when I snagged his hat with a spinnerbait and yanked it off his head! :D On accident of course!
  17. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    Mine was when I was bass fishing and I made a long cast to the shore with a 1/2 oz. spinnerbait. I managed to throw it a little too high and it got caught in some shoreline brush. I started pulling on it to see if it would come free and it didn't. I then started to yank on it and still not moving. Then i basically set the hook like i was crossing the eyes on a bass and it comes flying right at me. This was a good 40' feet away and with the stretch in the line it seems as if it is shot out a gun. By the time I could realize and digest that it came free it hit me in the abs. The hook didn't go in me but it left a huge bruise about the size of a golf ball right on my abs. My friend laughed til his abs were hurting just a little less than mine. I still remember just how fast that thing covered the ground. I just wonder exactly how fast it was actually moving, wouldn't surprise me in the least if it topped 100 MPH as hard as it hit me.
  18. A budy of mine (bill) is a big walleye guy, would not fish for anything else. So I talk him into going down to the Ohio river for some cats. Another guy (tommy) tells him where to fish and how to rig his poles, an expert on ohio river cats, yea right. We get down there and get out on the water, the weather is nice, not a lot of boat traffic but no bites. We had, goldfish,shiners, liver, nightcrawlers, you name we tryed it. We are out about 2 hours and every one starts to get slap happy, all four of us work nights so it should not bothered us. Any one arround us might have thought we were drunk or crazy. At about 3 AM I decide that tommy is nuts and I went with what I thought would work. Sure enough 5 min. in the water I'm pulling a small shovel head in. This sent bill over the edge, what are you using how was it rigged. So I told him to go lighter with the weight and to put on a short leader. He started to pull in lines, some one handed him a knife and dont you know he cut his finger. He bled all over the boat. We wraped up his finger an decided to go home. We get back to the ramp and one of the other guys falls off the side of the boat in to the river. When we made it back to Columbus bill went to the hospital, they had to stich him up.
  19. I'd have to say that my worse fishing memory was the time when I contracted a major case of the "mudd butt" caused by excessively drinking Blatz beer the night before while playing poker. I get out in the middle of no wheres fishing this farm pond and the 'ol stomach starts to growl then the next thing I know it starts to roar and then I am getting those sharp cramps in my lower abdominal region so I am forced to drop my britches right there on the bank of this pond. After the mud is done flying, I realize I have no toilet tissue and no leaves are within reach so I proceed to stand up to waddle 10 feet to the nearest tree with big leaves. Well...when I started to stand up and took my first step, the elastic on my underwear got snagged on a old piece of fence lying on the ground next to the pond and that snag was just enough to throw me off balance enough to make me slip down the bank and into the pond. I was basically drenched from my waste down and the pond muck reaked like raw sewer!! I guess thats better than going in head first.