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what is your take on this?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by discgolfer, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. someone sent this to me the other night. what is everyone' take on this video clip?

    a) a 757 hit the pentagon
    b) a much smaller plane did
    c) a bunker-buster type missle hit it
    d) nobody really knows what is going on
  2. AndroDoug

    AndroDoug Duke of Bucketmouth

    link does not work

  3. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    if the vidieo is correct then what happen to the 747 and all the people were did it go.
  4. LiquidTension

    LiquidTension mouse potato

    if you hover your mouse over the link .... for some reason it puts an extra
    http// in there ... must be forum default or something ..... just take that part out

    or here is fixed link

    interesting ... makes ya think doesnt it
  5. shuvlhed1

    shuvlhed1 Banned

    is how people buy into this garbage and spread it around like Dan Rather.
  6. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    It's interesting regardless whether is be true or not. Just makes think. I'm sure the sheer power of something moving that fast with that much fuel damn near pulverizes anything. Still the photos they "show" sure don't look as big as a 747.
  7. i've read about this before-i know a guy who saw the plane hit as he was going to work-he was on the freeway and was almost leval with the plane as it hit. he works at the pentagon and drove to the nearest phone. he was reassinged else where, didn't make it home for 5 wks.

    there is however still unanswered questions about the whole affair. these need looking into. was it, like pearl harbor, know to the administration? why were the alert systems shut down just prior ot the airplane hi-jackings? why were planes from bases too far a way to interecpt scambled and not ones closer? there are plenty of questions as the war for oil goes on. and on, and on, and on ...............
  8. The picture taken from the parking lot looks just like one of those flying saucers that my buddies who own the federal reserve picked me up in when we went for a ride to Mars.
  9. you know some weird people. how was mars?
  10. It was pretty cool...actually it was freakin' freezing, but after a round of golf we went in to check on how the colony was doing. They finally got the hydroxygenator running so we didn't have to wear the scuma tanks. I spent most of my time in the Hard Rock Hesperia Plana drinkin' Bud light, shooting pool and hangin' with the Marsian babes. We made a quick stop to replace the battery on the Pathfinder and got back home in time for dinner.
  11. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    I don't beleive a word the government tells me anymore. They lie so much that it is hard to know when they are telling the true. JFK for example.
  12. AndroDoug

    AndroDoug Duke of Bucketmouth

    Forces large enough to puncture reinforced concrete leave neat holes. The holes are neat for the sole reason that the concrete is reinforced and holds it's shape. The small looking hole (compared to a boeing fuselage), was most definately caused by a larger object than the hole itself. If you shoot a BB at a plate glass window, the crater on the opposite side is much bigger than the BB itself. True, the wings would have been sheared off by the solid outer walls, and should have left debris. In those pics, I do not see debris. But maybe those pics were chosen because there was no evident debris.

    There are alot of questions, yes. But if the video was telling something true, where did the plane crash and where were the people really killed? You cannot lose a plane with hundreds of passengers. If it crashed somewhere else, we would know. The goverment did not land it safely and "hide" or kill hundreds of passengers to start a war. The hijackings really took place, and the goverment did not quickly formulate and execute a plan to add to 9/11 by destroying the pentagon.

    That whole film is ridiculous. It is convincing to only the narrow-minded.
  13. last time i was on mars we ate mars bars and had delicious bowl of marsoupeol.

    now this post is getting political and i,m stopping. i hope you all will to.
  14. Froggy, maybe you should should try sleeping in a tin foil hat.
  15. AndroDoug, You're a pretty smart guy...nice to see someone has a little sense around here. The conspiracy theorists will always have something up their sleeves to divert attention from the facts (like Kerry is a loser).

    Harry and Pete....someday I hope you will be able to READ my sarcasm and what I am really saying ( I'm not allowed to speak my mind on this site, so I make light hearted jokes of it all), the problem with that is most people think I'm serious
  16. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    Don, at least I know where you are coming from. ;) I forget now though whether it was Pluto, or Planet X, I remember it starts with a " P "... :D

    See you up at the HawgFest, Don...and evryone else.
  17. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned

    I talked with a friend in DC back in April while I was fishing there who was on I-395 when the plane hit the pentagon. He saw most of it, at least the plane approaching and making impact. The guy was in tears when he was talking about it. It was fo-real gang. There is slowed down, clear footage that has been shown on news agencies of a jet making impact.
  18. froggy u'r the one with the political posts. cut it out
  19. shuvlhed1

    shuvlhed1 Banned


    Nothing political about that