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What is your favorite fin

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by gonfishn, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. Just curious on what is your favorite fin? What makes your blood boil the most? With me its watching a musky leap out of the water when attacking a topwater ..Or watching the warrior follow a lure to the boat knowing you don't have a chance and you just have to watch as she turns and swims away..Whats your favorite fin?
  2. catking

    catking Banned

    Fighting a fish for 15 minutes before even getting a look at it ;) Sometimes even then you dont. While carping down at Santee Cooper a couple weeks ago, I fought a fish for awhile,only to have it break the hook. Didm't even see the fish :( CATKING



    king,what kind of hooks were you useing? :p
    any clue as to what the fish my have been?
    catfish,grass carp(hooked foul),gator? :D
  4. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Setting along the river at night fishing with a big live bluegill and your clicker starts to slowly sound off..This usually means one thing, FLATHEAD.
  5. catking

    catking Banned

    I like to believe it was that 50 pound grassy. The hooks were eagleclaw, and I've since switched to Gamagatsu. Much stronger hook. CATKING :)


    what gets me is,standing in the weed/bushes
    on a bank someplace while carp are feeding
    off the surface on your free offerings,then making
    a cast to them with a free lined bait.and watching it
    closely as they come up too it,get with in inches of grabbing it and then suddenly reverse and run from it
    leaveing a HUGE wake.just when you thought you missed
    him your drag starts screaming.just watching the fish
    is very exciting ;)
  7. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Good deal King, those gamma's are a much stronger hook, cost alot more but are worth it.


    i use the eagles here and there,never had one break,yet.
    but i am ussually useing a much stronger hook for most
    of my fishing.
  9. Several different "fins" get me going good.

    When a steelhead hammers your spoon while casting from shore and the fish airs it out 3 or 4 times, then goes on a couple screaming run...well, gets me excited.

    When dabbling structure for BIG Spring crappie and the fish are hitting so hard, the float makes sort of a "boink" sound as it shoots out of sight, that REALLY gets me going.

    The scream of a drag with a 30 pound King Salmon on the other end.

    That clicker going off slow when you're catfishing with gills.....

    Icefishing when you get a hit, set the hook, and it doesn't move!

    Jigging Vibe-E's for walleye on the reefs and getting used to the feel of the lure's action, then, on that one upstroke, WHAM! Great feeling.

    Watching a Northern hammer a Rapala on the surface two feet from shore.

    Man, I gotta get on a lake! I'm going crazy!!!

  10. Casting a 3oz topwater lure all morning without a bite. Suddenly, a striper is busting shad about 100 yards out. Casting a homemade topwater plug a few yards beyond where it is feeding. As the plug surfaces, there is an explosion! The drag starts to scream immediately. Everyone reels in to give you some fighting room, and watch the battle. There is nothing to do but wait out the initial run. Then, when the drag stops, finding that you can’t move the fish, and you know that you have about 125 yards of fighting to do in heavy current.
  11. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    Setting there catfishing late into the night and then falling asleep, just to be woke up very suddenly by a screaming clicker. ;)
  12. Bass_Hawg

    Bass_Hawg Certified Hawg Master

    Casting a popper or Big Zara Spook under an overhanging tree or on the edge of some lily’s and seeing a big swirl next to your offerings. You wait, twitch the bait and then an explosion! Wait WAIT Don’t set the hook to soon ok ok NOW. BAM! Pole bent, line screaming with a fat Largemouth on the other end. That’s what brings me back to the water. I love it.
  13. For me it's fishing for smallies with topwater lures during evening or early morning water is like glass, not another boat around..everything is quite
    as you begin twitching the lure, the water explodes and the fun begins....

    second is chasing schools of bass that go into feeding frenzy when they push baitfish into the shallows...bass jumping everywhere, throw any type of topwater and they'll can't land the fish fast enough. it doesn't last long but it's a blast. Throwing you're lure in the middle of that mess and you cant see it, you have to wait til you feel the strike
  14. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    It's about 9:00 in the morning. The wind hasn't yet started and the air is dead calm. The water looks like glass. The area is so still that the only ripples on the water are from your boat. You can see the bass about 30 feet away in less than 3 feet of water. She is hanging next to a stump that has lots of exposed roots and she is in those roots. You know that she will bite because she is in the perfect ambush spot. You try to sneak up for the best angle, but don't even want to use the trolling motor for fear of spooking the fish, so you use the push pole and ever-so-gently ease up on the stump. You had already decided to use a tube for this kind of fishing, rigged weedless so you can cast into this kind of structure. You get set so that you can make a cast that will go past the stump by a good 10 feet so you don't disturb anything. You crouch down in the boat, knowing that if you can see the bass, she can see you. You deftly toss the bait past the fish and begin the tantalizing retrieve by the fish. As the bait nears the stump, the bass turns to see what is coming. You watch as the tube draws to within a foot of the stump and suddenly the fish surges forward, you see her mouth flare and your tube disappears. The line begins to move off to the side and you come back slightly on the rod to see if she is there. Pressure! You give the mighty hookset and the fight is on. The fish heads towards the roots, but you hold firm and keep her out of that nasty stuff- she then turns and heads for open water. You see the bow in the line as she comes up to jump and then she erupts from the water, shaking her head in a vain attempt to throw the hook. You can see that the tube is firmly stuck in the fish's jaw- she isn't coming unbuttoned. He jumps again, so close that you can see the bright red of the flared gills. She finally tires and comes to the boat. You reach down to lip her and realize that your entire hand will fit in the fish's mouth. You grab her by the bottom jaw and carefully hoist her into the boat. You tell your partner to grab the camera and the scale so you can document the catch, all the while taking extreme care to handle the fish as little as possible. After all, she is out of her world now and bass aren't made to be held. You quickly weigh her and get a few shots- What a prize! Then, the best part. You turn and lower the fish into the water and help her regain her bearings. After a few moments, she gives a tail swish and you turn her loose. She shows her gratitude by throwing a tailful of water in your face as she bolts off. You turn to your buddy and smile, knowing that you may just come back next year and catch that fish again, but then she'll be even bigger.

    This is a quick story of how things have really happened for me and my brother while fishing in Michigan. I will remember our trips up there forever- that is my "favorite fin".

  15. joe01

    joe01 Functional Fisherman

    You know what else makes you feel good. When you been on the lake all day,and the sun beating down on. You see eveyone haveing no luck and you pull out your cooler full of fish and everyone looks at you with hate, and you just smile and thank the Lord for a good day!!!! I love fishing.....
  16. Being on a huge lake at night during a full moon in the spring. It seems as if you are the only boat on the lake, as the redfin makes a v-wake accross the point. The aniticipation is intense as you watch the lure dancing it's seductive wiggle accross the deep, dark water. Just as the lure comes out of the darkness and comes into the moon light, BAAAMMMMM!!! Water is thrown in the air in an incredible explosion of striped furry. Line is leaving the reel at an astonishing rate, as the striper digs deep to rid itself of the treble hooks imbedded in its face. The battle goes on as the fish comes to the surface again and thrashes wildly in an attempt to free itself. Finally, after several long runs, sore arms, and stressed tackle, the huge fish comes to the boat and rolls on its side. The net doesn't seem big enough as it is lowered in the water, and the fish is pushed by it's tail into the net. There will be no release for the mighty striper. It has fought itself to death.

    This drama plays itself out every night, and all night long in the spring. Keeps me coming back every year.