What is your choice for fishing line..

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  1. I can't seem to find a good size line for fishing the lakes and ponds around here. I just purchased some Spiderwire Stealth 20lb in green, second lowest test that dicks carried in this braid. After getting it on my baitcaster I'm wondering if its to big, It does not appear very visiable in the water. Last year I went with Fluorocarbon 12lb, and was not very happy with the momory of the line.. Any lines you guys can't live without?:B
  2. I use 20lb. Fireline on all of our trolling rods. For casting, jigging, and leaders on our fireline, we went to using P-line 100% Flourocarbon. Seems to work well.

  3. I use the spiderwire also, I am going to try the power pro braid I have heard nothing but good things about it. As far as mono I have use the red suffix and berkley trilene xl. I also use fluorocarbon for my deep fishing I use berkley vanish and am trying the p line which is another line that I hear rave reviews about. I guess everyone has there own prefrences. i used to use fireline and also tried the suffix braid and kept breaking and snapping off lures which I havent had happen with the spiderwire. I also hear the bass pro shop xps line is supposed to be real good also.
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    Braid is not going to disappear under water like mono fluoro carbon. I would suggest tying a 3' t0 4' mono or fluorocarbon as a leader with a uniknot. http://www.in-fisherman.com/magazine/guides/cg2003Sp_Uniknot/

    On a baitcaster, you want the braid to be around the thickness of a 12 lbs test mono so it will be easier to control so do not worry about it being too thick.
  5. 50# braided power pro! Tried fireline and sufix braid... JUNK! snapped on me. Will never use again.
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    Braids: Tuff Line, Power Pro, Spiderwire Stealth or Tiger Braid....I also like the feel of the Suffix performance braid, but have not had the chance to try it yet. The size depends on application...20# is a good all around thickness since its the same diameter as 8lb mono.

    Mono/Floro: Trilene XT, P-Line floroclear, Stren High Impact, I used to love the Bagley's Silver Thread, but its not the same as it used to be.

    I have really pretty much switch over to spooling ALL my reels with braid....and use a floro or mono leader...I love the no stretch and feel.