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What is Wrong with People?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by crankus_maximus, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. crankus_maximus

    crankus_maximus Crankus Baitus Maximus

    You know, people never cease to amaze me somtimes.

    Officer shoots hatchet-wielding driver on I-71
    The Columbus Dispatch
    Wednesday, March 16, 2005
    SUNBURY, Ohio — A man who rammed his pickup truck into the rear of a police cruiser along I-71 was shot to death this morning when he threatened a state trooper with a hatchet.
    The 7:45 a.m. shooting south of the I-71 rest stop near Rts. 36 and 37 culminated a wild series of events that began in Morrow County, where the truck driver earlier had been involved in several hit-skip incidents.

    The trooper, who was not immediately identified, fired several shots at the man after his late-model green Ford F-150 extended-cab pickup truck ran off the interstate into a brushy area on the west side of I-71.

    The suspect, whose identity has not been released, was pronounced dead at the scene, said State Highway Patrol Lt. Rick Zwayer. The trooper was not injured. Five orange cones on the shoulder of the road appeared to mark shell casings.

    Troopers were searching for the man's pickup truck this morning after he apparently hit several vehicles and then fled in Morrow County, Zwayer said.

    A second trooper, who was not involved in the shooting, was driving south on I-71 when his cruiser was rammed at high speed from the rear by the dead man's pickup truck, Zwayer said.

    The trooper who shot and killed the man responded to help after the pickup truck ran off the road, Zwayer said. The man exited the truck armed with a hatchet and threatened the trooper, he said.

    Southbound I-71 was closed, with traffic diverted to Rts. 36 and 37 north of the shooting scene.
  2. shadowman

    shadowman Supreme Being

    nothing wrong with the guy now...........he needed an attitude adjustment and he got one BIG TIME.

  3. crankus_maximus

    crankus_maximus Crankus Baitus Maximus


    Let's go ram a police cruiser and see what happens.... No reaction?

    Let's wave a hatchet at a trooper and see what happens....
  4. fishingredhawk

    fishingredhawk Ohio Hawg Hunter

    Took the words out of my mouth Shadowman

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Sometimes man has to interject mother nature and take care of thinning the herd.

  6. Nothing wrong with him anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  7. I think what you have here is what we call suicide by cop. The sad part about it is the officer will have to live with it the rest of his life. Some can handle it well some can't, I hope he is doing well.
  8. Good thing it didn't happen in Cincy. Down there, the cops are supposed to let the CRIMINAL swing away til he "wears" himself out. :rolleyes:

    I know - the hatchet wielding CRIMINAL should have been tazed. Just waiting for that crap to start up in the news.

    Sorry guys...I work in Cincy couple times a week and it just seems like the good guys are always getting crapped on when they do try to do their job and get home every day/night alive.

    Any of you law enforcement folks on here ... thanks for what you do every day.

    my $.02, soap box, etc.,
  9. I just hope they don't try to turn this around on the trooper and make it look like he DESTROYED the life of some caring, loving, father figure who was just having a bad day or something and could never hurt anyone making him the 'Victim'. This guy was a maniac to say the least.

    I for one commend the trooper for doing what he had to do in a tough situation. I also hope he and his family are doing well. He will have a long road ahead of him to get past all of this.

    If for some reason the family of the 'victim' feels the need to put flowers along the side of the freeway where this a-hole was killed my recommendation to them is DON'T DO IT! I could not stand to drive past it every day coming to work and not be tempted to trash the flowers or whatever and put a sign up for the trooper that says something like "This is where Trooper A. Nguyen had his life changed forever".
    I don't care who it pisses off and I know it will piss off someone probably not anyone on this site though. I know most of you guys support this.
  10. parrot head i agree, they should give the trooper a medal. better him than a trooper gettin killed. if he woulda let this guy get away and he ended up killing someone else than they woulda been complaining how he shoulda put him down. hats off to the trooper.
  11. This officer came to an unknown situation. Did he have a gun in his waist? he didnt know, he was watching the hatchet.Was he on drugs? Why get closer to check his eyes!! Should he have used the tazer? Pepper? He did what he was trained to do. Too bad he couldnt have shot him without death, so they could learn from what this guy was going through. This cop did whats best for his safety, and or others around Im sure. JMO Glenn
  12. smallieguy

    smallieguy Smallmouth Please

    This is the way it should be. You pull a knife the cops pull their guns.
    If the cop says ''drop it'' and you don't, you get popped. Simple.
  13. I won't argue that the guy brought the killing on himself for the reasons stated above. I did not hear the whole story but the question that comes to my mind is did this officer have an opportunity to put the guy down with a non-fatal shot. Was that what he attempted. I would hope if given the opportunity to put a guy down in a non-fatal manner that he would have made that effort. Again I did not see the details of the story so I don't want to speak out of line. Like OCDfishguy said, hopefully the officer is handling this well.
  14. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    He was obviously having a bad day, most likely drugs/alcohol was involved somewhere. The officer had no choice but to protect himself.
    I don't think the training allows for that, I think when a gun is pulled, it's to make a quick, one shot stopping shot. I might be wrong, but I think once a gun is pulled, it's only pulled in a life threating situation & then to apply equal (life threating) response. Otherwise they don't pull the weapon.

    Too bad for everyone, it's tough on all the families involved. The guy was obviously having a bad day & made a bad choice. Like mentioned, suicide via police officer, maybe for that split second, he felt it was his only choice. The officer had to use the only option left for him too.
    Also as mentioned, if it happened here in Cinti, it would be a big mess, always is.
  15. Maybe I have been watching too much TV.:D
  16. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    When I read your title I thought of the two old foggies on I-77 this morning driving 45-67mph in the passing lane for miles at a time all the while traffic is backing up behind them.
    HELLO McFLY!!!!!!!!It's called a passing lane for a reason!!!!!! Oh by the way. PICK A SPEED!!!!!!
    Deep breath..............some people have no clue. If they do they just don't care.
  17. Getting back to the question of whether the use of deadly force was justified. I think the events leading up to the shooting helped contribute to that man's fate. If I'm not mistaken, ramming a cruiser and then fleeing the scene is considered felony assault. You better do exactly as the officer says once he catches you. I don't care if that guy was waving a hatchet or a pea shooter...I think the killing was justified.
  18. If you go after a officer with a hatchet, expect to get dead.
    I'm thankful the guy chose to attack a person who was armed.
  19. I have to commend the cop as well. Watched this on the news last night, and I would have done the same thing. An old friend of mine is a retired cop, and he once told me that dead people can't talk. I have to agree with him there. How often do law enforcement get turned into the bad guys??? It happens way too much. If their lives are threatened, they are taught to take lives, not shoot someone in the leg so they can go to trial, or maybe get up and pull a gun from their waist and hit the cop. Everything happens in a split second, but they are trained to do their job in that manner. My hat goes off to him, and hope that he is handling it alright. It's something no one should have to do, but it's part of the job, and part of protecting us and society.