What is wrong with people?

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    This is going to sound like an angry rant.... and it is. A friend of mine once said, "You like fish more than people, you never go out anywhere but you always go to the river." Yeah, that's true and this is good reason why.
    A friend of mine told me via PM about a spot on (location removed) where the locals caught a muskie the other day... so I headed up there after work to check it out. I didn't catch any, but made a gruesome discovery that prompted me to pack up my gear and head home... completely disgusted.
    My fishin' buddy found a muskie that SHOULD'VE been about 24-27 inches had he not had his flippin' head cut off. Yes... some jack #*&$ was lucky enough to catch one and rewarded himself by taking the fish's head, leaving the body to rot.
    First off, I don't like anyone taking a muskie... period. Not for a trophy, not for food. If you want a trophy, win the Superbowl. If you're hungry... Kroger sells fish.
    Second, a 24ish inch muskie isn't even a trophy... so WTF?!?! The only reason I could see for this is a trophy or someone is purposely killing these hard to find fish for what? Because they eat other fish like smallmouth?!?! This is a good argument to me why I should never share a spot with another person unless they save my life. People do stupid things, this ranks high up there.
    Maybe I'm being silly, after all, it's just a fish.... but it's also stupidity at it's finest. I just see no good reason to do something like this and it's probably a good thing I didn't witness it as I would've certainly had a few choice words for the offender. If someone could explain this to me... I'm all ears.
    Here is the pic, try not to vomit......

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  2. It does make me sick. I have seen enough of this stuff to last a lifetime.

    We had this discussion with Elmer and Scott up in Columbus. It IS against the law and we were told to report it.

    They may not be able to do something about this fish but may be able to stop it from happening in the future.

  3. I felt the same way seeing that pike taken couple of weeks ago. It's too bad people have no respect for our dwindling natural resources. As we talked about on Sunday these fish are not going to be replenished in that area in the foreseeable future.
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    I don't get it man..... What would make someone do that?

    AEFISHING Crappie Freak

    How do you know it was a person?
  6. that was just wrong ,the person who done that needs to be taking out back and horse whiped.if your not going to eat it throw it back,i have released several pike over 40 in,take photoes and get a replecia.so about where on todds fork i have fished it a few times i live in lebanon
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    This is horrible. I would love to see some Conservation officers in this area. But I doubt one CO has visited Todds Fork in November. Who else can stop unethical sportsmen? I would love for some stiff fines handed out for this behavior. Maybe they would think again.
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    Totally understand the rant... Stuff like this and blue plastic worm containers left all along the water just drive me nuts. Ignorant inbred hillbillies!
  9. If an animal would have done it, it would have eaten more than just its head.

    It disgusts me to see that to a muskie. One of the greatest fish swimming in the water, and someone treated it with no respect. I am 100% catch and release on muskie and thats how it should be. The fact that someone would just cut its head off or cut its gills and then just leave it to rot is plain wrong.

    Muskie don't eat any more smallmouths than any other fish does. People always say that the muskie are eating all their walleye, but in reality walleye probably eat more of their own than a muskie does.

    Just wrong!!:mad:
  10. It doesn't make any sense to me in the least, and the fact that they left it there... well, that's no sportsman/women at all, I don't care what valid excuse they thought they had for such a gruesome act, there's no excuse for it, it's not a trophy, it wasn't eaten, and if it was for something stupid like the love of a smallmouth then they are more ignorant than they should be given credit for, because it's predators like this that ensure the best strain wins out, that only the fish that can survive with these NATURAL controls win out, I bet if they only caught a mass of dink smallies they'd be up in arms about "conservation" when they have no idea what real conservation is about, all I can say is that sometimes I regret the fact that people are so far up on the evolutionary chain that we don't have a control like that, sometimes it would be nice to not have to deal with stupid people ruining everything for the rest of us who truly care about what's going on, as you may be able to tell Plaker, I'm not much of a people person myself, but even though I choose to only associate with a few people it seems we all have to pay for the mistakes of a select few, I guess that's just a few thousand more casts that this newbie will have to make next year when I get my gear... @#$!%$# idiots...
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    An animal (non human) would have started on the softest tissues first, eyes, underbelly, etc not taking off the whole head which is bony and hard. I was the one who found the fish dumped in a small "puddle", belly up and had to roll it over to get a positive ID, it was then removed from the water for the photo. :(

    Labman, I was thinking more along the lines of a single loop of spider wire around the idiots neck that did this with one end tied to a bumper of a car...kinda return the favor they perpetrated upon that ski
  12. What would one even do with the head of a muskie? Really uncalled for, sorry you had the misfortune of finding that.
  13. All,

    I am a very strong believer in catch and release and would hope someone would not do this by ALL MEANS..

    BUT, look at the separation....If someone was going to cut off the head it would be a straight line.. That does not look like a knife... Looks to me like a snapping turtle.. I have seen several lb catfish brought in dead on troutlines in TN with their entire heads bitten off from snapping turtles (Basically the head was all that was left)..... Just food for thought..

    Glad to see so many people passionate about C&R Though!!!!!!
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    The cuts were obviously made with a blade of some sort. Any animal would've gone straight to the body where the bulk of the meat is.

    If it were a snapping turtle (which I rarely see) it would've had to be gigantic and i'd be more concerned about my legs while wading. Trust me, the cuts were made with a knife.. it is a possiblity something fed on it after the fact.
  15. About 2 years ago I heard a guy at a local tackle shop say he was going to do this very sort of thing to muskies from now on. It seems he had been trying to win a bass tourney on CC using big, expensive crankbaits and he lost 3 baits to the muskies in one afternoon. Some folks just don't have the brains that God gave a gopher, or so it seems.
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    The sad part to me, well one sad part, it that with the growing assault on all types of outdoor activities, we have to fight just as hard against ourselves. Now I don't consider whoever did this to be a sportsman,(and I'm positve most if not all of the members here don't) but this is the crap that gives ammunition to those who want to curtail or even ban the activities that we love.
    Littering and waste are our biggest threats. IMO
  17. I myself havent been lucky enough to catch a muskie yet and to see some jack @$$ would do something like that makes me sick
  18. What a shame! Do you think whoever did this was just going to mount the head? That's what I think. I doubt it was a turtle. Not that there are not big turtles in this river system. I remember seeing one that was about 30" in diameter and its head was 5" wide but it was in the Ohio river. Besides if it had been a turtle it wouldn't have left the fish up on the bank and it wouldn't have stopped with the head.

    My guess is the person who did this is just ignorant. At least I hope so, because I would hate to think that someone would do this just out of meaness.
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  19. This is one of the reasons I don't even mention Todd's Fork on here anymore. This is my favorite smallmouth stream and every time it gets some attention then people flood to it. Trash starts showing up and the fish seem to be more scarce. This is not a big stream. I've fished it for 33 yrs and have never caught a musky from there. I know they are there though. All I can say is be very careful on saying WHERE you like to fish. I try to stick to how I catch my fish, not where.
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    Please don't insult hillbillies like this, they are much smarter than the idiot who did this.