what is this?

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  1. My uncle was walking on a beach on lake erie and found this.Hes woundering what it is.I dont think its any kind of fish.

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  2. snake69

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    One of the many minks ya see runnin' around up there? I don't know, I'm just guessing as it's the first thing that came to mind.........................

  3. joe01

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    turn it in to the odnr and ask them, i hope this helps
  4. It looks to me like a horses skull and neck.
    That's my final answer.;)
  5. Are there any fifth graders on here??? :D
  6. After further review of the first photo, what I think we have here is the very rare and elusive hammerhead sea weasle. Poor little rascal probly took a sip of erie beach water and went belly up.
  7. rolland

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    Its the spine and neck bone of the lock ness monster.
  8. ezbite

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    thats an indian go-nad scratcher...:eek:
  9. BigDCat

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    Now that All Eyes has established form of death.......

    I'm going with the more scietific "Dismantling Theory".......

    After a few too many Bud Light's, "Junior" stepped on the lower jaw of a flathead and peeled it loose from its back. You are now left with a skeletal remain that is close to what you got.

    That's the best I got............:confused:

  10. BigDCat

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    O.k......I blew my visual on the Dismantling Theory.......Let me try this again
  11. i agree with all eyes.... hammerhead sea weasel. used to see alot of them ;)
  12. Man EZbite- i thought the indian go-nad snatcher was extinct for about 40 yrs or so....kinda like that aussie marcupial tiger...uh, whatdoyacallit....:p
  13. dmills4124

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    Since there are no measurments with this photo I am going to go out on a limb and say that it looks like the upper skull of a javelina. I lived in arizona for 18 years and while out hunting you can see one of these every once in a while. The bottom jaw actually has two really large tusks for digging up roots and bugs.

    And thats all I have to say on that subject(in my best forrest gump voice)
    don m
  14. That, my friends, is a Snipe.
  15. I don't know dimensions on the skull but the best guess so far in my opinion is that of BigDCat. If you look at the link pic that he referred to it looks very similar.

    I am thinking he is on the right track here but I am going with a slightly different guess. If it is as big as it appears to be I am going to guess a sturgeon.;)
  16. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    Jimmy Hoffa? Maybe Bigfoot?
  17. Hammerhead sea weasel!
  18. creekcrawler

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    It's definitely not a sturgeon, they have nothing but cartilidge inside - they have an exoskeleton. Found something similar on the Cuyahoga years back, guys at the zoo identified it as a cow's spine.