what is this???????????

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  1. freyedknot

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    anybody know what this is used for????? take a guess?

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  2. Wierd...looks like some sort of trolling sinker where it can be pulled up or down your line (to adjust depth) via some line attached to the eye at the back of it.

    That's my guess

  3. Flathead King 06

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    looks like an old type of downrigging weight....???
  4. It's an old fashion lure retriever. Knocks those cranks out of the rocks:p

    Or it can used to knock your neighbors clothes off the lines they used to hang clothes in between buildings!;) A clothes clearer:p
  5. Used to run a line from one boat to another?
  6. LFN


    It's a trolley sinker used in the past to dish from a bank or breakwall. Used to see them fishing Erie off the breakwall in Cleveland. They can be very effective!
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  8. it is a old lead fuse. the things that look like pulleys, are contacts and the block is lead, which melts
  9. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    i guess you could use it to pass a brewski from 1 boat to another????
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    And the winner is!!!
  11. this is a cool idea. what is this?our version of the antique road show.
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    DING.DING.DING..........LFN HIT IT . IT IS A TROLLEY...toss out a brick with a line ant attach your rod to it with hooksand lower it down the line to where the fish are. was used long ago off the breakwalls for fishing when 55 gallon drums full of perch were caught.along with rubber band fish for them. now that the perch hardly ever come close to the breakwalls in good numbers ,they have become useless, i just happened to find this trolley out in the garage from long ago.