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  1. I was a little board at work and decided to do some photoshoping. I was screwing around with the original (last) pic and noticed the the colors from the carp is very similar to the hawk. About 45 minutes later I came up with this new half fish half bird creature. At first I was going to switch the hawk and the carp. Sorta like a revenge of the carp kinda thing The only other animal I had in my photos was a duck. So I took the duck out and skewed it a little and layered it between the claws of the bird. The only mistake that I really noticed was the wings in the first pic. I ended up resizing it to fit but E-mailed the wrong pic to myself. Enjoy!

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  2. Very nice! I just can't stop laughing at the one in the middle for some reason...

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    yea same here carl...i had to do a double take. I thought someone hijacked a picture of a certain ogf member here, but after looking closely. It looks like someone hacked into my account and stole a picture of my mother in law :S
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    I want your job so I can be bored and get online and goof off!!!
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    I bet that carp in the original photo is wondering just what in the hell he's done wrong this time...