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What is this world comming too???

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by KSUFLASH, Sep 3, 2004.


    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    As I was sitting on my couch last night flipping through the channels, I came across the republican national convention being broadcast. So I figured I would check it out. Of coarse as some of you probably seen as well as I did, the people whom I would consider an extreemest group decided to interupt while on live tv, and had to be taken out of the room by secret service. This didn't just happen 1 time, I seen it 2 times where the speech was interupted by idots. I mean what is this world comming too? I don't have to like what someone does or doest say, but I will at least listen to them, and if I don't want to listen, I don't act this way. Then of coarse I look on to find trouble in Russia with the school that was taken over by separatist rebels, and many children killed....Over what???????

    What I truly want to hear from you guys is how was it back in the good ole day? I know about Vietnam and World War 2, but what were your good memories.

    I am a young man that hardly remembers "Leave it to Beaver", "Love Boat", "Gilligans Island" etc....

    Am I in dream land or were things better back then than they are now, or is history somehow repeating itself.

    I am almost affraid to bring children into this world someday due to who knows how it will be 20 years from now.

  2. Hey Flash, good questions.
    I won't give a long disertation on past present and future. (It's FRRIDAY man)
    The media has a big hand in making sure they see what they want you to see AND if it bleeds, it leads. There's a whole bunch of good things going on in this world we live in, it just doesn't sell copy.
    Throughout history, the same questions you have raised have come up time and time again. I for one, am glad I didn't act on my thoughts years ago in regards to bringing children into this world because of something that might or might not happen. I'm sure my grandparents had the same questions. They lived through WW-1, the great depression, WW-2 and so on. I wouldn't be typing this if they gave into their fears about "what if's".
    The news sucks, it sure is captivationg though.
    A line from Phil Collins, years ago. "Well, I never did see such a terrible sight as seen last night on the TV, maybe if I'm lucky they will show it again, such a terrible thing to see". From the song Domino.
    Good luck. Life's good!

  3. ::D ....... :D .......... :eek: .......... As long as the leisure suits don't come back in style I think we'll be ok....... :D ......... The bell bottoms came back in. Who knows what the future will bring us.........Rich
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    I remember as a young lad back in the 60's that it was nothing to walk to ChinaTown ( sorta like Walmarts) every Saturday with my best friend to buy the " Lure of the Week" I was 8 years old at the time, and it was nothing for kids to do this. We got out of bed in the am, and wasn't home until 5 pm. No worries ever. If something happened to a child back in those days, it made headline news. Rapist? Sure, there were some, but not many. Do you all realize who the first real serial killer was? There wasn't even a name like that in the mid-60's. Life was simpler, safer. But look at what has changed. The population has DOUBLED since then ;) Sure , there was things back in those days that were not good, but not on thescale as they are now. What, a few years ago the 2 fools who shot up the school in Colorado. NEVER heard of in the " good old days" TV shows could be watched without blushing in front of your kids. Bottom line ? Family Unit Breakdown. CATKING (Whoops Boston Strangler serial killer that started the trend)
  5. Nice to see the site gaining a little depth....sometimes grown men should be able to discuss serious matters other than the candy coated bull crap like recipes, nascar and arcade games. I won't post my opinion here because I'm marked, but I'll enjoy reading your's
  6. mrfishohio

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    Hey, these are the good old days.......when this beautiful woman stood up at church the other day, exposing her thong above her slacks, all I could do was thank God !! :rolleyes:

    On a serious note, I can become frightened real quick, then I remember, it's God's plan, not ours.
  7. Jim,,,,,,Jim,,,,,,,,Jim,,,,,,,,,What are we going to do with you.......LOL.......... I suppose you had on your leisure suit on too huh............... Take care buddy........Rich
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    You make yourself " Marked" Froggy. It has nothing to do with the site and the OGF team. We put into the TOS things that we do not want discussed on this site. It is really that simple. When members decide to crap - can the rules they agreed upon when singing up , what are we suppose to do? We send a few pm's to see if that works.If it doesn't, we suspend members, something that we DO NOT LIKE TO DO ;) . But I believe you said it all. Grown men. As grown men you and everybody else should honor what you agreed to do when you decided to become a member.I really cannot say anything else.I believe the system we have in place is working GREAT. I like a good argument about politics and religion also. But the past has taught us it doesn't belong on a fishing site. I really hope you all see our side of this. I believe things are much more tranquil without the heated exchanges. Thanks . CATKING
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    I can fully appreciate your position and understand your desire to discuss topics of substance and importance occuring in in our world today. As you say "grown men should be able to discuss serious matters", and I would agree with you. However this site was not created and is not intended to be used as a platform of discussion by "grown men" of all of the situations and conditions that we face to today. The topics of religion, politics, world events , etc, all need to be discussed and debated. We all have ample opportunity to express our views on these important subjects during our everyday lives, with nieghbors, at work, with our family, and on many, many web sites.

    I assure you that those of us involved in the running of this site don't feel any less concerned or passionate about the topics of today than you or anyone else. We have however elected to keep those discussions to a minimum on this fishing site. We do not have only "grown men" visiting and reading what we post on these forums.

    There is a time and place for everything. This site is a place for fishing and family oriented general discussions. There are times and places to express views on the more serious matters of the day. Our freind at provides a forum very well suited to vent frustrations and discuss current events that we choose not to discuss in open forum here.

    We fully respect you and everyone else's need, right, and the importance of discussion of these "heated" topics. We feel the same way you do, but we elect to not do it here. Please respect our right to keep this site in focus with it intended purpose, fishing, family, and fun.

    thanks for your understanding,
  10. jeffmo

    jeffmo officially unofficial!!!!

    yeah things sure have changed.i remember the protests in the 60's about vietnam,i have a cousin that was at kent state when the shootings occurred(she wasn't out protesting),my oldest brother was in viet nam during tet and was at khe san,mlk was murdered,the list is bigger but every generation has had it's problems and it's good times father grew up during the great depression and fought with the 101st airborne in wwII but he always enjoyed life and always said he felt lucky to have a family,good job and a roof over his head.that's probably one of the best life lessons he taught me,be happy for what you've got because it could be worse and it can get worse.
    don't be afraid to bring kids into this world because if it's ever going to change for the better,todays kids will be the ones to do it.besides,watching them grow up will bring you alot of happiness and great memories.
  11. i miss the sixties. i had hair then.
  12. misfit

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    :D LOL,harry.most likey,a lot more than me :( ;)
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    Bunch of old farts............... ;)