What is this fish?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by dday, May 19, 2008.

  1. I was fishing at Lima Lake, caught this fish on a 6 inch Green Senko... I have no idea what it is. I first thought maybe a black crappie, but maybe a rock bass instead? Sorry it's only one pic...

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  2. Thats a Rock Bass, and a pretty nice one at that, looks like prespawn with the big gut.
    Sure beats the skunk...

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  4. Wow, quick/great reply guys!


    Hey Bobby, make that a rock bass for my list... I'm still one up on ya!!! (sturgeon was 2 years ago, doesn't count as the trump card for this year...)
  5. To bad factual wasn't here. he loves those rockbass. lol :D that is a nice sized rockbass. Nice Job!
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    Wow, that is seriously a hog.
  8. now i wish i measured it, took a better pic... damn...
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    You fry him up? I like rockbass like I like my bluegill. In mah belleh.
  10. i thought those where green sunfish.....now i know i'm wrong...lol...i have 2 in the freezer that i was gonna get mounted for the lil boy both about 6-7 inches he got them on his new rod
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    Awesome idea! He'll always have those guys to remind him of a great childhood!
  12. he thinks i cut them up for channel cats but i kept them....i just have to find someone that has decent prices and does a good job....the price i have right now is 160 apeice and the guy says he is the best in my area
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    I'm no taxidermy expert, but that sounds like a decent deal.