What is this fish?

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    Took the family out to lake Hope + lake Logan Sat, beautiful day to be outside. My daughter caught a fish that I wasnt sure what it was. It looked like a cross between a smallmouth and a bluegill, it was caught at lake Hope. That was about all we caught at both places the bite was slow and the weather was too cold to stay past dark. [​IMG][​IMG]
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  3. Nice catch. green sunfish don't get very big.
  4. I agree, warmouth.

  5. lets see, when you got it, how many coconuts did it carry?

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    "Green" Warmouth sunfish from south Africa but I didn't see a string...
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    Thanks for the responces. Ive caught so many different looking "Sunfish/bluegills" I just call em all bluegills. This one had a striking resemblence to a smallmouth (mouth and pattern) I was thinking it may be like a hybrid bass/gill, are there such fish? Ive heard of Hybrid bluegills but did not know what the other fish in the equation was. Also I always thought the Warmouth variety had red flecks near thier mouths, is that true because this one didnt.
  8. Final word Warmouth.
  9. Most of the warmouths I have caught at Alum Creek have had those red flecks you mentioned. However I have caught 5 or 6 in a 10 minute span and at times 1 would not have the flecks while the rest of them would. I would guess just like any other fish you could get color variations from genetics or just geography.
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    most warmouths i have caught have been black and white i say green sunfish
  11. Here is a picture of a warmouth from the Wisconsin Fish Identification website. I know it is not a warmouth from our waters but still a reliable resourcs for identification. Walks like a duck, talks like a duck, must be a duck. I am pretty confident it is a warmouth. Not trying to stir the pot just trying to help someone i.d. a fish.

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    It's a warmouth. End.
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    its a hybrid crappie X pickeral. the infamous crapperal!!!
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    I still think it a pure sauger, look at its fins, they are wet.
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