What is the appeal of ice fishing?

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  1. I've noticed a good portion of you guys seem to be chomping at the bit to get out and fish on the ice. My question is why you're all so eager. I'm not knocking it and this is not a shot at those of you who do enjoy it at all so don't take this thread the wrong way.

    I was just hoping a few of you could extoll the virtues of ice fishing. I personally can't wait for the ice to be completely gone, but I'd enjoy reading the opinions of you bucket sitters.

    Thanks fellas, enjoy the tundra.
  2. Hard to explain, when I first moved back to Ohio about 11 years ago my brothers tried to get me to go icefishing. I finally decided to try it. To my surprise I loved it. Now I have 10 ice rods, a vexilar, 2 shantys and 2 augers. Also we paln an icefishing trip every year somewhere. Fishing on the ice is a lot more relaxing than softwater. Seems people are more friendlier and willing to help with catching fish. Where to go, what to use, etc. Also beats the hell out of sitting at home waiting for nice weather.

  3. Careful jcustunner24!! Your curiosity may lead to into the trap of these icers. Before you know it they will suck you in to their spell.:D I did it last year for the first time and had a blast. I don't know that I would choose it over soft water fishing but it was pretty fun. And at this time of the year it becomes hard to find soft water. So if for nothing else you may end up trying it because of nothing else to do. But as you have noticed many become almost rabid with their passion for it. So watch your step.:p
  4. Get out of the house, away from the wife, fresh air, fresh filets. A little exercise it all adds up to a temporary cure for cabin fever.

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    I not a ice fanatic but that is my main reason. I'd much rather be in the boat in 90F weather but you take what you can get.
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    It's fishing, good god man, what else do you need?:D :D

    (cheezemm2 needs to go fishing, especially when he starts talking in 3rd person!)
  7. Well living in Ohio Jan was such a boring month. Tried it once and now I am hooked. Ties together Bowhunting and Turkey season just right. Once you get the right clothing and try it you will realize that your are sitting inside way too much during a beautiful time of year. Oh did I mention that its cool as hell standing in the middle of a lake with a fishing pole in your hand.
  8. I knew I'd get some responses to this one. Keep 'em coming. It's interesting reading.
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    To be honest, if you have never tried it, you have no idea what your missing. I know many that ask just that and are now the ones posting how much they like it.
    Get off your chair and try it. You'll understand what we are saying.
    Me- I'll be on the ice Friday, Sat and maybe Sunday if the weather holds up.
    To say it's additive isn't enough.
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    winter sucks with no ice. 34 and gray and sloppy for 4 months would be awful. so i take the cold and make something awesome and addicting out of it. its an adventure. i get severe cabin fever, i have to be outside. not into skiing or snowmobiling or anything else winter-wise.

    i guess you have to have a certain personality for it. not saying theres anything wrong with people who dont ice fish either. i just cant bear being inside all the time.
  11. I got to tell you, It is a good deal of work, but man it is worth every bit of it.
    I have not been on the the ice for 7 years now, and I miss getting out all the time. I have so many great memories of going with my dad in his home made shanty. I live further away from north-east ohio where It was so easy to make a day trip to Pymy or Mosquito.

    To try to answer your question I would say that getting out there with a fishing pal or two against the elements is a great way to enjoy these winter months. But also the potential for catching great numbers of fish is very good.
    You can catch a couple HUNDRED fish with two or three guys in a seven hour day for example. While this will not happen very often, it has happened to me more than once. Usually crappie and blue gills but also Jumbo PERCH.

    There have been so many improvements since i have been on the ice last. I can't wait until one day I will be investing in some of it.

    I do know that Having all the right equiptment and proper clothing is so important. Waiting for the safe Ice thickness is so critical as well. I can't wait to get out there and drill a couple of holes and all, but I'm not going to go alone either. Maybe when the son gets a little older.
  12. jcustunner24,
    I came from southern WVa nearly 40 yrs. ago and the only "ice" we had was some skim on the beagle's water bucket. Soon after arriving in NE Ohio, some guys at work asked me out to Berlin(was a tee-rific walleye lake then!). I reluctently went along and nearly froze to death, not having the proper clothes and boots. I can't explain it but looking down that icehole, never really knowing what you might pull out, IS addictive and after one trip(and catching a couple 16-18 walleye-then eating them!), I was hooked! I think it really had a lot to do with actually CATCHING something. Try it sometime, with some 'experienced iceheads', and you will be "hooked" also! Dress warm-what you wear during late muzzleloader season will usually suffice!
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    If you're not an ice fisherman , you're not a fisherman ! It's like C. J. said once you start looking into that hole and not knowing what you will pull out is fascinating. You may pull out the smallest fish in the lake or one of the biggest like the guy who pulled a 32 pound Muskie out of one of my holes on Lake Milton or like my buddy who pulled a 10 pound 12 ounce Walleye out of Lake Milton in 1979. Or like my other buddy who pulled an anchor up from West Branch and we had to cut the hole bigger to get it through the ice. You get to know each other a lot better too as you sit and in our case jig for Walleyes . We have some of the best conversations and solve most of the world's problems right there sitting on a five gallon bucket. We learn a lot from each other also and it is peacefiul and quiet unless a snowmobile happens to come along or an ice boat. It sure beats fishing with a bunch of lunatics running around in ski boats and jet skis. They are a Pariah !
    Then when a big snow squall comes along and you can hardly see the guy next to you, you see the beauty of nature. You don't need a lot of tackle either and don't have to spend a lot of money on fuel and the fish taste great out of that cold water. Ice fishing is fascinating and addictive !
  14. There's nothing like pulling a fish from a hole through the ice.
  15. I'll second that!
  16. Those are called good steelhead seasons. We had one five or six years ago where the river was never frozen. Steelies were caught every week of the season. Also caught some of my first January river smallies that year as well.

    The biggest blast when ice fishing is hooking the fish that won't fit thru the hole. An interesting fire drill - trying to chisel the hole bigger while not trying to nick the line. Had that happen at edgewater (steelies), Punderson (big gold trout) and lakes up north for pike. Panfish don't get much better than those caught thru the ice.
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    This being my first year fishing I have not gotten to ice fish but im collecting the supplies asap so I can. The reasons I want to try it so bad are first I havent bought a boat yet, I really want to but other stuff keeps sucking up my $ so for the non boaters we get a chance to go out to the middle of the lakes and try for the dif species we normaly cant target. I may be wrong here and pls feel free to tell me this is false but I think once the lake is ice covered most of the fish goto the bottom. So when looking for fish you don't have to find what depth to fish, bottom to a few feet up of it. So it might be a little easier for the 100% beginner like myself.
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    :C I agree with everyone else ! Ice fishing is very addictive. I love all the countless hours on the ice with friends. Something cold to drink, ice shanty, and a couple lanterns is all you need . My problem is is that I don't know when to give up and go home. A couple years ago I spent almost 36 hours on the ice . But the fishing was good , I had enough bait, and enough propane and white gas for my lanterns to keep me warm. I miss looking out the plastic window of the shanty and seeing how miserable the weather is and being nice and warm inside . Fishing inside the shanty with jeans and a tee-shirt. 36 hours on the ice was over doing it a little bit. I thought my girlfriend and family was going to send the national guard to circle over the lake to take me home. Has anyone else ever ice fished sooo much that when you do finally go home you see little bobbers in a hole in the ice in your sleep ?
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    I think I could take up the whole page with a response to this one. First one that comes to mind is that ANYTHING could come through that hole. It doesn't matter if you're targeting Gills or Walleye, the incidental catches are a lot more prevalent than in the warmer months. For me it seems a more direct fight with the fish. Often the fish are only 10'-20' away when they hit the jig, it just seems more intense with the tiny rod.
  20. I don't ever recall seeing a female on the ice. Well, except for the time Dad brought my little sister along. I still haven't forgiven him for that incredible lapse of judgement :mad: :D.

    Seriously though, we grew up ice fishing Berlin, Milton, Mosquito and Pymatuning, so it was pretty much a way of life. Man how the equipment has changed over the years!