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  1. i've been seeing tracks lately in my back yard. not quite sure whats making them. what ever it is, it walks in a straight line, and the tracks are about 14"-16" apart. i don't think its a dog, was thinking maybe a coyote. any ideas??!@
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    Post a close up clear picture of them.

  3. very good possibility it's a yote, if it's problem for you let me know I'm 45 minutes west of you. Was in contact with a farmer several years ago in the Norwalk area said property was cover end to end with coyote tracks. Work prohibited timing to go over there, their all I hunt any more. Hard pressed to find anything that provides the rush as the predator coming to the call. Go out and wack'em, and let us know how you done.
  4. And if Mrslippery needs help carrying them yotes back to his truck with his bad foot I'll help him.........LOL..........Take care..............Rich
  5. Designated dragger, yep I like it. Hopefully we'll get to load you down next weekend. I belief the foot is OK now, I think that was just old age complaining after that hike you put Gary and me on at your place. Fresh snow on the ground, I belief I'm going to put the white suit on and go to the creek.
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    Cat tracks go in a straight line. Bobcat?

  7. we had about 4" of fresh snow last night, so the track is history. if i see it again, i'll get a pic.
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    look closely at the track and see if u can see claws. if its a sort of cat, there wont be claw marks cuz cats have retractable claws
  9. Where you Rich, carried a 45lb. male from the creek over my shoulders a 1/2 mile, remember the dragging statement. Track sign was heavy, he wasn't running alone, 25yds. 3" #4 buck, not even a death spin. You would have gotten a good laugh seeing me going over this 100' cable bridge with this yote, maybe 1 foot wide at the most.
  10. Look closely at the track, 2 claws will be visible in the track. I like the name Mach1cj, do you own one? Happen to own a 428 4spd 67 Galaxie, building a 466 71 pinto for norwalk at the moment.
  11. Send me a pic,wait a minute when we were on the phone you said it was 60#s now its down to 45#s..........LOL...........Just messing with you.............Take care....................Rich
  12. After I hiked it a 1/2 mile around my neck it felt like 100lbs, I sent you pics.
  13. actually i owned two Mach 1's. the first one i bought was a brand new 1970 Mach 1 428cj R-code 4 speed car. years later and trying to relive the past:rolleyes: i bought another 1970 428cj R-code with an automatic. sold it about 5 yrs. ago. your bringing back memories with that '67. i took my drivers test in a '63 (352 sled) and my brother had a '66 (390). i raced a '66 Mustang GT, 289 4bbl, 4 sp.@ norwalk in the late 60's. i could only imagine a pinto with a 466. how many hp?? estimated et?? sounds awesome, good luck with your build.

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  14. Nice ride, the pinto will be nothing special, fresh 466ci, dove heads, maybe 425hp. This is to be a 12 second, have fun car, if it runs faster than 12.0 I'll pull plugs and weld the holes, or throw a cheby in it. i'm going back 30 years, my first car was a 71 pinto, back halfed, caged, 69 351w, toploader, 9". My plan is to run then cook dogs with the grand kids and watch the cars. If it was about et/hp I'd take one of my dove blocks and build a 557, it's only for fun now, even if it goes 20.0.