what is a jig and pig

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  1. ok....i've never been much of the bass person so i need some help here!!!!i hear everyone talking about this jignpig thing and i was wondering what exactly it was!!!
  2. seethe303

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    take a 1/2oz jig head and put a nice long slab of cooked bacon on it. bass love that stuff!!!

  3. Lewis


    Its just a jig with a chunk of pork frog trailer attached.
    Most guys prefer to use jigs with rubber skirts.
    Pork products are available by Uncle Josh or several others.
  4. Back in the old days a jig & pig was a bass jig with pork rind trailer.
  5. thanks....i'm going out this weekend to a couple of lakes anaep and figured i would try for a nice bass or two...before getting out the cat rods
  6. seethe... i prefer a 3/4 oz. with a porkchop (fried) :p
  7. I like mine with a dry cajun rubbed seasoned ribs....

    mmm mmm guud!

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    It's actually what they call doing a dance with Rosie O'donnell:D
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    you win the thread, sir.
  10. ya'll are makin me hungry........does this mean ol'rosie is bring the bake taters:p
  11. thats a picture in my head i didnt need:p