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What is a "day of fishing"?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by twistertail, May 26, 2005.

  1. Talking with the wife last night, well more like negotiations, trying to work into my schedule a day of fishing sometime. Here is the thing, what is a day of fishing? Well to me a day is a 24 hour period, meaning if I left to go fishing at 6:00 am I would have until 6:00 am the next day. Well I'm pretty sure:rolleyes: that my wife would have a different idea of "a day of fishing". So should I tell her what "a day of fishing" really is before I close the deal or be sneaky about it and tell her after the deal is closed and negotiations are done?;)
  2. I'm sure her "day of fishing" is from sunup 'til sundown. Or maybe like 8 hours. I'm with you. There are 24 hours in a day so a day of fishing should be a complete 24 hours. If you want some brownie points knock off after 23 hours and go home early. :D :rolleyes: I would tell her up front and try to negotiate a little longer. Is this "day of fishing" with or without her? I know my day would be real short because my fiance doesn't like to be out all day. Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

  3. I always tell the wife I will be back when the fish quit biting or it gets dark,or daytime if night fishing ;) Good luck :)
  4. It would be without her, she will only last an hour or so fishing with me. I'll keep working on it. She has already got me for a solid week of diaper changes and not sure what else she is going to ask for. I did get some major brownie points though, got her a day at the spa for her first mothers day;) waiting for the right time to remind her of that.:D
  5. Hey truck I went once not too long after we moved in with each other and she asked when I would be back and I said probably by the time the sun is coming up, I guess she thought I was joking cause she was not too happy when I came home! I never really give times anymore and with a cell phone we can always get in touch if need be.
  6. Wait until you end up like me with a wife and three kids in every activity you can think of. For me a day of fishing is about three hours.:D You may think I am kidding but last Saturday morning was my first time out for the year...left at 7:30 and returned home at 11:30.

    I think if I pulled a stunt like not showing up for a 24 hour period I would be in the doghouse for a looong time.:eek:
  7. Well I was thinking of explaining to her what a day of fishing really is after she gave me the go, no doubt negotiations would be re-opened!:rolleyes: We just have one kid, 5 month old girl, and its hard for either one of us to do things so I cant imagine 3! I wouldnt change it though.;) Cant wait to take her with me!
  8. Yea I got a dang cell phone now :rolleyes: I even turn it on when out fishing.Used to take hers buts would never turn it on,she did not think it was very funny.She knows not to call unless it is important :D
  9. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    Talk about splitting hairs......this is funny.
    I made a deal with my wife, I only fish on days that end with "Y"
  10. Now that is a good deal! How much would you charge to represent me during negotiations?
  11. Don't get me wrong. I would not change it either. I cherish the times that we spend whether it is fishing, school functions, playing, or baseball games such as those I have now. We will have sat through around 50 baseball games by the end of June but I truly enjoy it. I can continue the fishing for years to come but these times are too short to pass up.
  12. Oh I didnt take it that way at all man.
    50 baseball games would be a little tough though;)
  13. Nah, it is not tough on me because I love baseball and grew up playing it all of the time. My wife though is still trying to cope with it.:rolleyes:
  14. Well I guess its a good thing you like baseball, I would rather watch paint dry! But it would be a lot different watching your kids play. If my girl doesnt slow down she will be more like a linebacker than a softball player, almost 20 pounds at 5 months old!

  15. You saying you are raising the first female to play football at OSU or better yet in the NFL?
  16. If she keeps growing like she is who knows! :eek: 5 months old and most of her clothes are 12 months and some are even 18
  17. bassn317

    bassn317 Casual Fisherman

    A day of fishing is 24 hours...non-negotiable. What is negotiable is how many hours of that day you will be gone.
  18. If she keeps growing like she is who knows!
  19. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    well,i fish the same days as mrfish ;)
    though it hasn't always been that way,the wife now knows not to ask when i'll be home,because she's finally learned the answer is "when you see me".

    a short story as to how this change came about.....................
    about 4 years ago,a few months after being hospitalized,and put on disabilty,i took a trip to the muskingum river one usual she asked when i'd be home.i made the mistake of telling her,"about noon tomorrow".i left at 8 that night to find bait.met up with my fishing partner(crappiebub,on whom i place all the blame) :D at midnight,and headed for marietta.
    as usual,i lost track of time,as you all know can happen when fishing.
    well,upon returning at 8 the next night,there was a police cruiser sitting in front of my house(to file a missing person report) :confused:
    the wife had smoke coming from her ears,and fire shooting from her eyes.i can't say what was flying from her mouth:eek:
    seems she got a little worried(due to my health),when i was not home long past my appointed time,and had called several hospitals and law enforcement agencies,who were searching the roads for me.
    after some serious apologizing and being briefly grounded,i finally convinced her not to ask when i'd be home in the future.

    nowadays,she practically pushes me out of the house,to go fishing,and couldn't care less,if i never came home ;)

    disclaimer........the above,should not be construed as advise ,or a suggestion as to how to deal with one's personal is only one of many misadventures of an old and drifty misfit,who now fishes whenever and for however long he wishes.
  20. twistertail....our daughters are about the same for didn't earn that many pts w/ spa day trust your "deficit" spending for another day...better yet fish 4 hrs morning bite..come home mid day and fish 4 hrs evening bite... me ...i'm martyring myself this weekend by giving up fun (hog roast) for a family weekend w/ in laws and have wife's bday next week...plenty of pts scored that I can blow the following have to always make it appear that you are always sacrificing more than you are asking for in per diapers I deal w/ those every day.