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  1. Could someone tell me what happened to the post that was on here that was asking if there were any other fishermen and women on here that were members of the nafc ? I am new here and signed in on that post and ended up getting my behind chewed for doing so because it was considered "promoting" the nafc, which I believe was not. I know that there are others on this site that are current or former members of that club and all it was , was a place where those members could respond if they were or not. I was not promoting that club. I believe all of my posts may have been deleted and I am just trying to figure out why. I would like an explanation from someone regarding this matter. Why is it a crime to try to inform fellow members about a chapter of another club that they are also a member of ? It was not an attempt to "take away" members from this forum, it was an idea of "adding" more members to it from another fishing group that is based right here in ohio. Mabe I'm going about it all wrong, but there are several of you on here that know how this can be done. Please help. BD
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    It's still in the archives, on Pg.10 to exact. Just harder to find the older the thread is.