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What Happened To Ladue

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Unclelouie, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. My wife & I were fishing Ladue the other day and could not believe the condition of the ramp and parking Lot. Wow !!! When did the nuclear bomb hit ? Where is our fishing license money going ? ODNR ( Ohio Desperately Needs Ramps ) Look what you've done !! Nothing !! Restrooms are closed and all that is left is a blue unkept litterbox. There is no ramp !! You can't find the parking lot because there are too many craters to overcome. ODNR ( Ohio Does Nothing Right ) ( Ohio Destroys Natural Resources ) Excuse me do I sound mad ? Sorry, Does anyone else see this ? I will get off my soapbox now and get back to fishing.
  2. If I am not mistaken isn't Ladue owned and operated by the city of Akron?

  3. Akron used to but the State took over a few years back. That is why you do not need a launch permit anymore.
  4. yeah it is pretty crappy... was out there last tuesday and we actually launched the boat just to the left of the crater filled ramp... was actually much smoother...