what float tube to buy please help

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  1. i want to buy a float tube what style shape and brand is a good one i would like to sit about waist deep in it and something comfortable will be in it for awhile i am consedering one from browning just a thought would like to spend 0 to 180 i think the u would be better but dont know please help i weigh about 210

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    I personally prefer the round tube over the U tube:
    -round tube has more control in the water and is more stable, plus you can replace the innertube with a truck tire for quick inflation and deflation(you will need a valve stem puller). smaller and more copact for trecking through the woods.
    -U-tube have the high backs so on a windy day less control, they are easier to get in and out of though. plus my dad has the U and is having trouble finding a replacement bladder.
    for the price I do believe the rounds are cheaper than the U's, also get a good pair of dive fins not he ones that strap on over you shoes, those are junk. If you want I'll take you out one time I have an extra tube. By the way if you are over 200#'s the U might me better.

  3. Noticed you said if over 200lbs that a U tube might be better. I have considered a Belly boat or float tube, but I go about 325lbs, so i guess that settles it. Maybe if i filled it with Helium??? LOL

  4. hell they just rate those to be safe u will float
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    Hey Huntinbull im right there with you and I go tubing. I bought an old round one off of Ebay for $25 a few years ago. Its faded and got some rips but works fine. Not all tubes are created equally, my little buddy has one thats not nearly big enough for me. I think the most problem I have is the harness that you sit in. Im 6'5 and alot of my body is out of the water and that means alot of weight pushing down on that strap that goes between your legs. It kinda cuts ya in half after a few hours.

    Im working my way up to a tractor tire intertube.:C
  6. Chad,
    I bought a 1 man inflatable pontoon from cabelas and my brother in law got a round tube. It wore him out on the first 2 trips and his butt was wet. I however sat high and dry and just rowed where I wanted to go. They're not much more $$$ and I wouldn't change it if I could.
    Just my 2 cents worth..
  7. thanks for the info how portable is it does it deflate i want one to back pack in the woods at aep
  8. Chad,
    It inflates about as quick as a tube, but it is a little heavier, mine weighs about about 45 pounds. It takes about 5-10 minutes to setup and it even came with a pump. Got mine at Cabelas for about 250$ complete.