What fish is this?

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  1. This was a fish somebody caught from Neshaminy Creek PA. Did any of you see a fish like this before? I did not. I guess it's a rockbass with some kind of disease. Is that right?

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  2. yeah it does look like a rock bass but i dont know whats up with that coloration disease? maybe the type of water who knows

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  4. It looks a lot like a Baby Jewfish.wierd
  5. I thought of grouper right away as well. The first thing I did was Google the location to see how far inland it was. It looks like it is a good 50-60 miles in. That doesn't seem to make it likely for a salt water catch so I don't really know. As far as freshwater goes, the shape is most like a rock bass or warmouth.
  6. looks like a healthy rock bass to me
  7. Warmouth...have more color and bigger mouth than rockbass..
  8. thats a rock bass with the andromeda strain.........
  9. It looks a lot like arockbass. I have caughten them like that on erie. They are able to lighten or darken there patterns.
  10. That doesn't look like the kind of rock bass I catch in Lake Erie and the rivers. The fins almost make it look like a crappie.
  11. It's a Warmouth.

  12. It's a Rock Bass. The horizontal lines are the key. Pattern on the Warmouth tends to be more broken and more vertical if anything.

    Identifying characteristics: (Native Fish) Two dorsal fins with spinous and soft-rayed portions united, large mouth, six anal spines, red eye, rows of dark dots on sides.
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    it is most definetly a rock bass. all fish change their colors when they are stressed. i.e. putting them on a stringer/ in a live well/ bucket. what you are seing is what a rock bass in clear water that is under some stress would look like. if that same fish were in murky water it would be more of an olive or white-ish grey color and its blotching would not be as prevelant as what you are seeing in that picture.

    beautiful fish by the way. thats one of the many things i love about fishing.. no two fish look identical.
  14. The best way to see if it is a warmouth or a rockbass is to count the anal fin spines. Rock Bass has 6 and Warmouth has 3. Looked in Fish ID book. Hope this helps.
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    Rockbass. Maybe a warmouth hybrid?
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    it could be a rockbass with a genetic mutation. if some people can have genetic mutations then so can fish.
  17. normal rockbass, some just have more vivid coloration, the small ones(under 2in) always look like that, the bigger ones usually darken up.
  18. warmouth have 3 anal fin spines.......rock bass have 6........pic isn't that clear........
  19. Looks like a shadow bass, but they are usually found a bit further south. they large "teardrop" on its cheek and the complete marbling on its lower side make it not look like a rock bass. A few questions might clear it up: How big was the fish? What kind of habitat was it found?