What fish is this?

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  1. I caught this in the summer just got around to uploading it on my comp what is this


  2. jay2k

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    Thats my guess as well. Those little panfish seem to crossbreed with anything of similar size!:p Thats a big one too.
  3. I thought greensunfish when I first saw it too.
  4. that is a very large green sunfish in perfect coloration, really a trophy for the species congrats
  5. The lil guy put up a huge fight on my ultralight with 2lb berkley, he hit a white 1/16oz rooster tail.
  6. Bassnpro1

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    nobody thinks it is a hydrid gill?
  7. chaunc

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    I thought it was a Tilapia.:confused: Awfully big for a green sunfish. Could be a state record if it is.
  8. Looks like a green sun fish to me too.
  9. Green sun fish don't have that body height I didn't think. It's overall body looks like a blue gill to me but the markings look like a green sun fish. I think it really could be a hybrid.
  10. Green sunfish and a nice one at that. Good Flathead bait :)
  11. maybe not an oscar, but a fishohio pin for sure, lol
  12. I think this is the female version of the fish
  13. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Is it the photography or is that greenie in the first picture huge?
  14. No it was the biggest panfish ive ever seen in person
  15. I've never seen one like that. The yellow on fins and the jaw are really intresting. Some sort of gill for sure.
  16. this is a 100% green sunfish, no hybridization on that fish
    did you get a measurement, the state record is only somthing like 9in
  17. looks like a once in a lifetime fish for that species. awesome catch.