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    My Mom passes away last year and I never even get a phone call, I read about it in the obits, my Dad Passes away 0n Sept 6 this year and once again I read about it in the obits on the 12th. I wasn't even mentioned in either obit as a son, all arrangements made by my younger sister. Dad was a WWII vet and not even a visitation or service held, was not allowed to view my Mom's showing either. Was close with both parents in our own way yet this sister had control of who was who in the family. To top it off my only Brother passed away last year also and was told thru a 4th party about it when I got home from a weekend camping trip. Now how can a family member be so cold as to not even call a brother to let him know about these things, I guess it's the large insurance policies, paid for house and all asssests that can be inherited has a major play, I know I will not even get so much as an heirloom to have, only memories of what once was. I sat out on a lake yesterday fishing, pondering life. I am fortunate enough to have a loving wife and great daughter to help thru this time of grief. This is not meant to receive condolences but to point out that greed [planned out thru the years of scheming and lying] holds very true in some families and it only takes one member to tear families apart. I am a survivor and will get through this. Pretty screwed up situation wouldn't you say.
  2. Thats cold. Hang in there.

  3. Unless you were specifically written out of the will, you are entitled to 1/2 of what was theirs.......I know this doesn't make losing your parents any easier - but if you wanted that certain heirloom, you are entitled to it.

    Sorry for your loss............hope things work out for you.